Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Official Gameplay Revealed in New Trailer

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Gameplay Trailer

Frogwares has released the first gameplay trailer of its highly anticipated upcoming title Sherlock Holmes Chapter One showcasing the detective in action. Sherlock Holmes is following the footsteps of Frogwares’ new approach to its detective titles offering an open world with little to no hand-holding investigation as seen in their previous project The Sinking City. Sherlock Holmes Chapter One will expand and grow on their formula in every way.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is set on the fictional island of Cordona where young Sherlock along with his companion Jon have just returned. Both of them spent their childhood on this island however this time around, they are not here on a vacation. They are looking into the unresolved death of Sherlock Holmes’ mother and must investigate all of the leads that they have on the island. The island is officially described as:

The island and city is a melting pot of nations, characters, and architecture. European, Mediterranean, African, and Middle Eastern cultures have all taken equal root here and make up the 5 unique city districts Sherlock will explore.

Check out the new gameplay trailer for Sherlock Holmes Chapter One before we jump into additional details about the title:

The new trailer also details how Frogwares has worked on implementing combat into the game. While combat has been pretty weak in their previous title The Sinking City, it appears like the team has been working hard on this particular aspect of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One because combat looks pretty good as far as the trailer goes. Sherlock will have plenty of tricks up his sleeve which includes bullets, distractions, destructible environments, and a good old-fashioned slap in the face where necessary.

Finally, the trailer also showcases the various investigation mechanics that players will use while playing as Sherlock Holmes. The Mind Palace is back and will help players to look at all of the clues and deduce conclusions by combining the clues with them. Sherlock will also be able to disguise himself and get access to areas that were previously not accessible to him for information. Moral choices will play a big role in the game as well because you will ultimately be accusing a suspect of the crime based on your deduction of clues.

Previously, Frogwares shared a gameplay teaser at the Epic Games Store Spring Showcase, and before that the developer also shared some details about the game in a Q&A video. If you want more details about the game, make sure to check out the Gamescom 2020 recap of the title as well.

Sherlock Holmes is slated for release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series sometime later in 2021.

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