Shenmue III Epic Games Store Exclusive, Backers Denied Refund

Shenmue III Epic Games

Shenmue III got an exclusive spot during the E3 2019 and it was revealed that Shenmue III is going to come to PC exclusively via Epic Games Store. This was never revealed before and you know what that means. This angered the fans and naturally, some of them tried to get a refund who opted in for a Steam code for the game.

While some of the backers are okay with this decision, some hardcore Steam fans are pretty angry over this decision and what angered them, even more, was the reply that they received when they opted for a refund. The developers blatantly rejected any refunds based on the grounds that the game is coming out on Epic Games Store instead of Steam.

Deep Silver, who is the publisher of the title, states that a Steam version will be released at a later point however at this point, the PC version will be released exclusively via Epic Games Store. However, this is not enough for the fans and some of the fans are getting ready to report Ys Net for false advertising.

Check out the E3 2019 trailer for the game below.

Shenmue III is one of the most highly anticipated third title in the franchise however it seems like, before the title’s release, things are starting to heat up between the fans of the game and the developers. As of now, the Kickstarter page for the game is continuously being bombarded by angry backers who spent their own money before the game was even released.

Despite numerous delays already on the game’s release, it turns out things are still not looking good for the game now with Epic Games Store exclusivity in place. Frankly, it does not bother me where I play the game however I would like to know before making a purchase where the product is going to be available for me to play. Shenmue III backing started way back in 2015 and the obvious platform for PC back then would be Steam.

Shenmue III is planned for a PS4 and PC exclusive reveal and PC version is coming out exclusively via Epic Games Store. A Steam version will be released at a later stage.

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