Ubisoft Reveals Shadows of the Hitokiri Event for For Honor

For Honor Shadows of the Hitokiri

During its E3 2019 press conference, Ubisoft has announced a brand new limited-timed event Shadows of the Hitokiri for For Honor. This brand new event is part of the currently running Year 3, Season 2 of For Honor and will run from today until June 27. The reveal trailer of the event gives us a little bit of history about the history of the new mode.

Shadows of the Hitokiri will bring the new mode Soul Rush mode to the game in which players will slaughter soldiers and collect their souls. This is much like collecting enemy tags after killing them if you are playing a normal game but here you have to collect souls after you kill an enemy.

Souls are collected when you kill normal soldiers but if the enemy hero manages to kill you, you will lose all your collected souls which makes this mode challenging and forcing players to play it safe. The souls collected by player count towards the team score and at the end of the match, the team with the most score wins the game. Along with the game mode, some new features are also coming to the game.

The event adds some new customization options to the game which includes items based on the death gods. Players can customize their characters to look like real death gods before they go on a killing spree. In addition, a brand new map ambiance is also coming to the game which will make the games look like it is a horror game called Otherworldly Map Ambiance.

Check out the reveal trailer for the Shadows of the Hitokiri Event below.

Are you still playing For Honor and will you be willing to jump back in the game to try out the new Shadows of the Hitokiri event? Let us know in the comments section below.

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