SEGA Can Port Star Wars Arcade To Nintendo Switch – Should the License Gets Renewed

Star Wars Arcade

Star Wars Arcade was developed by Sega for Arcades back in 1993. Sega is now following its plans of Sega Ages for Nintendo Switch that is to bring ports of few arcade games to Nintendo Switch.

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Phantasy Star for one is the first game in pipeline to release this month on Nintendo Switch. This will be followed by other two games to port on Nintendo Switch, Space Harrier and Virtua Racing.

Developers at SEGA are curious about bringing the Star Wars Arcade to Nintendo Switch. This was confirmed in an interview at Game Watch. The producers want to bring there favorite arcade title to Nintendo Switch, however, there is a little catch.

The further authorization or renewal of licence of Star Wars is currently hindering the port to Nintendo Switch. They will have to make a deal with Electronic Arts as they currently have the rights to produce any Star Wars game.

This could happen any time soon. SEGA is hard at work to bring the game to the tv screen instead of big arcade big machines.

Meanwhile, current projects like Space Harrier and Virtua Racing and others will finally be realized for Nintendo Switch, there will be more to look forward to in year 2019.

Other than SEGA’s arcade games, few old and famous horror genre of Capcom games too are coming on Nintendo Switch. Resident Evil, Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil 4 will now come on Nintendo Switch in 2019.

Playing all three games on Nintendo Switch will be a fresh experience. The handheld portability in Nintendo Switch with remake graphics and resolution will recreate a different experience in all three Resident Evil games.

Did you play Star Wars Arcade game back in the day? Let us know more your thoughts in comments section below.

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