Secret Mode Takes Over Mars Horizon Publishing Rights, Teases Mars Horizon 2 The Search for Life

Secret Mode has announced its acquisition of the publishing rights for the acclaimed Mars Horizon, originally developed by Auroch Digital and The Irregular Corporation. The game’s journey back to its home base under Secret Mode’s stewardship is already underway, with the transition reflected on the game’s Steam page and scheduled to roll out across all platforms soon.

As the spotlight shifts towards the future, Auroch Digital and Secret Mode unveil their upcoming project, Mars Horizon 2: The Search for Life. This highly anticipated sequel is progressing at a pace that mirrors the speed of light, promising an enthralling continuation of the space exploration saga. Fans eagerly anticipate the imminent release of new information, with recent hints and updates teasing exciting developments on the game’s official Steam page.

Mars Horizon, a critically acclaimed space management game, is currently available on PC platforms such as Steam, GOG, and EGS, alongside PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Mars Horizon 2: The Search for Life invites players into an immersive space management experience where they assume the role of a space agency leader with a primary focus on astrobiology. Embark on a mission to Search for Life across the solar system, exploring diverse planets and moons, constructing bases, launching rockets, designing payloads, and planning meticulously orchestrated missions.

Building upon the foundation laid by Mars Horizon, where players rewrote history, Mars Horizon 2 propels them into a realm of making history. It’s a captivating journey of exploration, learning, and discovery as players endeavor to be the first to uncover evidence of life in our solar system.

Check out the Announcement Trailer below:

Key Features of Mars Horizon 2: The Search for Life:

  • Take charge of mission control, planning every aspect of missions to uncover anomalies, utilizing flybys and satellites, and landing on planets for data collection.
  • Follow clues, collect anomalies, and discover biosignatures that inch closer to the revelation of life.
  • Seek guidance from trusted experts and advisors to advance exploration efforts.
  • Establish bases on Earth, Mars, and beyond, featuring vital buildings like Extra Terrestrial Laboratories and launch pads.
  • Design rockets and specialized payloads tailored for diverse missions.
  • Adapt missions based on the exploration of celestial bodies and confront hazardous landscapes.
  • Process anomalies, gather samples, explore surfaces, and expand bases to unlock new discoveries.

Secret Mode Mars Horizon

Mars Horizon 2: The Search for Life promises an exhilarating journey of discovery and innovation as players navigate the complexities of space exploration. Prepare to lead the future of space travel and chart a course towards unlocking the secrets of life beyond Earth’s boundaries by heading over to Steam and adding the game to your wishlist right now.

Would you be interested in playing Mars Horizon 2: The Search for Life and have you played Mars Horizon? Let us know in the comments section below.

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