Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores Update Might Get Delayed

Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores

The latest upcoming major update for Sea of Thieves, Forsaken Shores, might get delayed a little bit because the developers want to run a final test phase on it before it comes out for the public. The developers of the game announced this via their official Twitter account. Their official tweet stated about the expected Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores delay.

Check it out below.

Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores is slated to release next week but now it seems that it might be delayed a little bit if there are still some bugs that need to be ironed out. The developers will confirm about the delay on Monday.

According to their official forums, they will work tirelessly on this weekend to ensure that the final product delivered to the awaiting fans is glitch and bug free. According to the Executive Producer, Joe Neate, the update is complete and in the final stages but they still want to test it out before rolling it out.

The testing phase will help them iron out that last of the bugs hiding in the code of the game, which may cause glitches when the content is released. Fans on the other hand are patiently waiting for the content update to come out.

They are also supporting the developers’ decision by saying that a slight delay for ironing out bugs is better rather than pushing out glitched content, which will simply add frustration to the fan base of the game.

Sea of Thieves is a PC and Xbox One action-adventure game in which players take on the role of pirates and command their ships across dangerous waters alone or in the form of a crew. Since launch, the game has received many bug fixing updates and equally numbered free content addition updates.

The developers are working tirelessly to ensure that the game is getting good support and everything is sorted out as quickly as possible. They are also adding new content to the game regularly which is simply increasing the life of the game and they are planning to keep the trend of this ‘free content’ going for a long time.

Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores was expected to release on September 19 but now it might get delayed. New information about the release date will be announced on Monday after the developers are done with the testing.

We will share more information with you as we find out. Keep checking back for updates. Till then, Happy Sailing!

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