Midwinter Entertainment’s Scavengers gets a New Trailer at The Game Awards


Scavengers is Midwinter Entertainment’s first project and it just received the first reveal trailer at The Game Awards 2018. Check out the trailer below.

Midwinter Entertainment is a studio formed by Josh Holmes who used to work with 343 Industries and was the Studio Head and Creative Director for the Halo franchise. This is his first game with his own new studio and the game looks amazing from the trailer.

Scavengers is a ‘co-opetition’ shooter which has been made in Unreal Engine and the cloud based platform SpatialOS. Not many games use this at the moment. During the awards ceremony, Holmes himself was present at the stage and presented the trailer to the audience. He also discussed about his new game studio at this point.

In the trailer, we get to see a big frozen wasteland of a planet where the players will arrive when the game starts. Upon arrival, they will need to survive on the planet and tame the winter wastelands. Players will play as young explorers who will fight to the end to survive the ice age.

The game has exploration, combat and survival all combined into one package. Players will need to work in teams and support their partners if they want to survive. Players will need to survive against other human players as well as AI controlled factions and populations.

Public playtests for the game will start next year and players who want to jump in the game during its early phases can head here and jump in the action when the game goes live in 2019. The test phases will be exclusive to PC players.

Holmes official words about the game at the event were

We’re excited to have the opportunity to take this huge step for Scavengers on a global stage like the Game Awards, Scavengers is a highly ambitious title that builds on the strengths and experience of the team at Midwinter to deliver a game that merges elements of PvE and PvP, while encouraging a spirit of cooperation and togetherness during play.

A confirmed release date or platforms are not yet known however test phases are starting some point in 2019.

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