Rumour: New Justice League in Making, Set in Batman Arkham Universe

Justice League

Warner Bros. have had series of amazing Batman games that have left a windows for more to come. All the applause must be given to Rocksteady who created the in-game engine of Batman games since last couple of years.

That being said, Insomniac games have made a kind of Spider-Man game that may become a foundation stone for more Marvel games. Previously, Iron-Man, Thor and Hulk games came out but they failed miserably. We expect more from Marvel and PlayStation partnership.

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Recently, there have been rumors circulating and pointing towards a Justice League game that will potentially be set in Batman Arkham Universe. The leaks initially appeared on 4Chan, later it was spotted on Reddit as well.

According to the rumors, the Justice League game will be called as Justice League: Crisis. The game will come out in 2020 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlet. That is to assume first PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlet must release.

The rumor also tells more about the genre of the game and a roster of character to switch and play with. The Justice League: Crisis game will features single-player as well as coop gameplay. Players will be able to select different characters for different missions. Superman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Aquaman and Wonder Woman are few that will join the player roster in the game.

Since the game is rumored to be in Arkham universe, players will be able to roam in the Gotham city and few other cities nearby. Noticeably, more cities like Metropolis, Keystone, Swamp areas and more may make in to the game.

We need to tell you that all this information must be taken as grain of salt as the source is unknown. Back at E3, every one expected to look forward for a Justice League game but that did not happen at all.

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