Roguelike RPG Sanctuary Saga Gets Its Final Big Update

Sanctuary Saga Final Update

Developer Boomer’s Workshop has announced the release of the latest major update for its roguelike RPG Sanctuary Saga which will also be its final build. The new update is now live on PC via Steam and since its release earlier this year in March, Sanctuary Saga has managed to attract countless players to step into the unique and dangerous lands of the Untamed Wilds to conquer all of the challenges that it holds. The latest v1.2 build of Sanctuary Saga offers brand-new updates and changes to improve players’ adventures in the game.

Players who are re-visiting Sanctuary Saga to try out the new v1.2 build can expect adjustments to early game progression including the ability to skip past the prologue to get into action quicker. Additionally, the Skill Progression System has been reworked as well which should help players overall and encourage more varied party compositions to keep battles feeling fresh. This will mean that the enemies will be bringing their own unique surprises into the mix as well. The update also brings different quality-of-life improvements to the game as well.

Players will find an update to the Expedition Maps which will now show players where new paths have opened up and when within biomes, players will never see a repeat map until they have completed every map at least once. A full list of updates and improvements is available on the official patch lists page. Developer Kevin A Prothero comments:

During release week, the community provided some awesome feedback for Sanctuary Saga. In v1.2, we’ve incorporated changes based on this feedback centering around two major areas: get the player into the action faster and ensure game progression is rewarding. We felt this was also a great time to add in some quality-of-life changes. We think the early game is a much better experience and are excited to see what players think of the update!

Sanctuary Saga Final Update

The V1.2 build was earlier released on the Experimental branch of the game back in April and after finalizing everything in it, it is now available for the main branch of the game as well. As the developer detailed, this is the final major update for Sanctuary Saga which was planned earlier. It does not mean that this is the end of the game but if the developer does plan in the future to release more content for the game, we will be updating you guys here. If you are interested in playing Sanctuary Saga, you can check out its official Steam page or just head over there to add the game to your wishlist if you want to play it at a later date.

Will you be jumping back into Sanctuary Saga to try out its final build update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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