ROCKFISH Games Marks 10 Years of Success in the Video Game Industry


ROCKFISH Games, a prominent independent studio in Germany’s video game landscape, is celebrating a decade of achievements in developing and self-publishing top-tier space shooters. Founded in 2014 by Michael Schade and Christian Lohr, the studio has emerged as a leading figure in the industry, particularly renowned for its EVERSPACE series, which has garnered widespread acclaim and commercial success across multiple platforms.

The journey of ROCKFISH Games began with a modest team of developers who rallied behind Schade and Lohr after their previous venture was acquired. Together, they embarked on creating what would become the studio’s flagship franchise, EVERSPACE—leveraging Kickstarter as both a marketing platform and a means of crowdfunding, ROCKFISH Games connected with space game enthusiasts worldwide, laying the foundation for their future endeavors.

Reflecting on the success of EVERSPACE, Michael Schade, CEO, and Co-Founder of ROCKFISH Games, attributed much of their achievements to the talent and dedication of their team. He emphasized the pivotal role played by the developers who transitioned from their earlier project, underscoring the collaborative spirit that has defined the studio’s ethos.

Building upon the triumph of EVERSPACE, ROCKFISH Games ventured into new territory with EVERSPACE 2, a departure from the roguelike mechanics of its predecessor towards a more expansive open-world adventure. The sequel enjoyed both commercial success and critical acclaim, resonating with players and critics alike for its engaging gameplay and immersive universe.

With the imminent release of a major update titled Incursions, set to launch in Spring 2024, ROCKFISH Games continues to push the boundaries of the EVERSPACE series. This update promises an array of new features, including weapons, equipment, and a migration to Unreal Engine 5, reaffirming the studio’s commitment to delivering fresh and compelling experiences to its audience.

The future looks bright for ROCKFISH Games, with plans for expansion and recruitment as they embark on new projects in the years ahead. As they continue to captivate gamers with their innovative titles, the legacy of ROCKFISH Games in the video game industry shows no signs of waning.

For those interested in joining their journey, ROCKFISH Games has announced multiple job openings for artists, designers, and programmers, inviting passionate individuals to be part of their dynamic team. Also, check out our coverage of their most recent release EVERSPACE 2 which had an amazing journey so far.

What are your thoughts on their success with EVERSPACE and EVERSPCE 2 and have you played any of these two titles? Let us know in the comments section below.

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