Arcade Basketball Roguelite RoboDunk Gets New Prologue on PC

RoboDunk Prologue

Developer Jollypunch Games has announced that the prologue of its arcade basketball roguelite RoboDunk is now available on Steam. Announced back in June 2021, RoboDunk is an arcade basketball game that is inspired by titles like NBA Jam and Rogue Legacy to deliver a unique sports experience. The new prologue for RoboDunk arrives just in time to celebrate the ongoing Steam Sports Fest.

You can check out the game in action in its trailer below:

In RoboDunk, you will perform high-flying dunks from outer space while avoiding the defending team’s slams, traps, and tricks. The game features a two-on-two NBA Jam-inspired dunkball combat. The prologue offers an exclusive game mode, Robot Masters which features five stages to tackle in any order. You will steal enemy upgrades then show down with five ballin’ bosses to prove who’s got the best game. Updates key features of RoboDunk include:

  • Powerful Weapons – Slam into the opposing team with an impressive arsenal of weapons including lasers, shocking ring traps, and falling pans.
  • No Stage Stays the Same – Dribble an optimal path through randomized matches with different rewards, rules, traps, and opponents. Evade various dangers like spiky rollers, tornados, jump pads, and meteors.
  • Power-Up – Customize All-Star Robots through a massive skill tree, choosing permanent upgrades, new skills, and stat boosts after every win.
  • Spice It Up – Select temporary skills like double jumps and ammo multipliers for a fresh experience every round
  • Multiplayer – Battle it out in local multiplayer, take to the court solo, or coop with a friend.
  • Unlock Lore – Gather information about the mysterious Gods upon every victory and uncover the reasons why “DUNK is the true meaning of life.”

If you are interested in playing the new prologue of RoboDunk, you can head over to the official Steam page of the game and play it right now. If you do not want to jump in the game at this point, you can add it to your wishlist and stay updated on further developments leading to its full release.

Are you looking forward to playing the prologue of RoboDunk or will you wait for the full release of the game instead? Let us know in the comments section below.

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