3D Co-Op Adventure River Tails: Stronger Together Early Access Release Date Announced

River Tails: Stronger Together

Publisher Gravity Game Arise and Italian indie developer duo Kid Onion Studio have announced the early access release date of their upcoming title River Tails: Stronger Together. River Tails: Stronger Together is an upcoming 3D co-op adventure game that tells the story of two unlikely friends, a cat called Furple and a fish called Finn. Journeying through beautiful natural-world environments, Furple and Finn will learn to work together in order to keep the things they love with them.

Slated for release in Early Access, River Tails: Stronger Together will feature two game worlds at launch and each of these game worlds will feature three levels and a final boss level. Apart from these two game worlds, players will also be able to discover the Beaver Resort. Additionally, the developer also states that bonus levels and several CG cutscenes may also be available in the early access version at launch however they are not confirmed at this point. The first world is the River Forest while the second world is the Temple of the Frogs. Progress in these levels and you will take a raft ride to the Beaver Resort where you can complete some challenges.

River Tails: Stronger Together

While River Tails: Stronger Together is being developed as a co-op game in mind since there are two main characters in the story, the game features a Lone Wolf mode as well where you will be able to play the game solo as well. The co-op is only possible offline because as of now, there is no online plans for the game and the developers will be focusing on the local co-op for the game only. Depending on fan feedback, the developers can consider adding an online mode in the future however as of now, there is no plan of adding it to the game.

The publisher is also currently holding a competition where you can submit a story about yourself and your friends gaming together for a chance to win an early access key of River Tails: Stronger Together. The campaign for this competition started back on February 15, 2023, and it will conclude on March 20, 2023. During this time, 20 pairs of Early Access Steam Keys will be given to pairs of friend entrants. This means that 1 key for each person in an awarded pair. Both players need to have an active email ID and a Steam ID to win and claim their keys.

The winners of the campaign will be chosen at the end and the winners will win a pair of keys for the game. Keep in mind that this will be the same Early Access version of the game that will go on sale next month. River Tails: Stronger Together is slated for an early access release on March 16, 2023, and you can head over to Steam and add the game to your wishlist if you are interested in playing the game when it comes out.

What are your thoughts on River Tails: Stronger Together and will you be interested in playing when it launches in early access next month? Let us know in the comments section below.

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