Rival Stars Horse Racing: VR Edition Set to Gallop onto Meta Quest and Steam VR in Q4 2024

Rival Stars Horse Racing: VR Edition

The highly anticipated debut of Rival Stars Horse Racing: VR Edition is on the horizon, marking a thrilling new chapter in the world of equestrian gaming. Developed by PikPok, the VR adaptation of the renowned Rival Stars Horse Racing franchise is slated for release on Meta Quest and Steam VR platforms in Q4 2024, with plans for a launch on Apple Vision Pro to be confirmed.

Rival Stars Horse Racing: VR Edition promises an unparalleled immersive experience, offering players the chance to step into the boots of a stable master. This built-from-the-ground-up VR adventure brings the thrill of horse racing and the equestrian lifestyle to life like never before. Players will nurture and train a stable of foals, guiding them to become champions on the raceway and cross-country circuits.

Check out the VR Edition Announcement trailer below:

As a stable master, players will breed horses, discover new coat patterns, and develop a deep bond with their equine companions through grooming, feeding, and bonding interactions. Training sessions will prepare horses for competition, and players can take the reins as the jockey, experiencing lifelike controls for an authentic riding experience.

The game offers a variety of gameplay modes, including Story Mode for exploring new locations and honing jockey skills in Multiplayer racing modes. The expansive ranch environment invites players to explore lush landscapes and engage in character interactions that capture the essence of the equestrian lifestyle.

Rival Stars Horse Racing: VR Edition

Mario Wynands, CEO of PikPok, expressed enthusiasm for the game’s immersive qualities, stating: We’re very excited to reveal the next evolution of our Rival Stars Horse Racing franchise. It will allow players to get closer to their horses than ever before and feel the thrill of riding, racing, and bonding with them.

Rival Stars Horse Racing: VR Edition will be available on Meta Quest 2 & Meta Quest 3 and Steam VR in Q4 2024, with language support for English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean. Players can stay updated and wishlist the game on the official website, as well as on the Meta Quest Store and Steam.

Rival Stars Horse Racing: VR Edition

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