PS5 Exclusive Rise of the Ronin Release Date Announced, Coming out in March 2024

Rise of the Ronin Release Date

Team Ninja has announced the release date of their upcoming PS5 exclusive Rise of the Ronin. Rise of Ronin will be released exclusively on the PS5 system on March 22, 2024, and the pre-orders for the game are now live. To celebrate the announcement, Team Ninja has shared the latest trailer for Rise of the Ronin as well which we have linked below. Check it out before we dive deep into additional details and also check out the cool Digital Deluxe Edition which was also revealed alongside the release date:

In Rise of the Ronin, you play as a masterless warrior, a Ronin as you explore 1863 Japan. Three centuries have passed since Tokugawa Shogunate’s oppressive rule and the Black Ships of the West are descending upon the nation’s borders causing the country to fall into a state of turmoil. As chaos of war, disease, and political unrest spreads across the country, you step in the shoes of a nameless Ronin and forge your very own path holding the fate of Japan in your hands. The game will give you different choices and based on these choices, you will progress in the main story of the game.

As you explore Japan and make new allies, you will face critical mission decisions such as assassinating or protecting key figures, and based on these choices, you will shape the course of history through a rich multi-choice system. The team working on Rise of the Ronin includes veterans who worked on titles like Nioh and Ninja Gaiden who are currently developing the title with a deeply engaging yet accessible combat with layers of complexity suitable for any play style. You will have a wide range of weapons at your disposal with which you will fight enemies including melee and ranged options.

For exploring the vast world of late-Edo period Japan, you will have a horse and a glider. For melee combat, you will have different weapons like swords and spears and if you prefer ranged combat, you will be able to choose from different weapons such as firearms and thrown weapons. For movement and agility, you will also have a grappling rope and other stealth tactics up your sleeve which will give you complete freedom to approach each scenario differently.

Rise of the Ronin Release Date

Rise of the Ronin will also make full use of advanced PS5 features such as haptic feedback and 3D spatial audio. You will get to feel the impact of combat with haptic feedback through the DualSense wireless controller along with the click of your matchlock rifle’s trigger and more through the adaptive triggers. While the controller delivers haptic feedback, your ears will be treated with excellent audio design as you will hear the world around you – from the bustle of the capital’s streets to the tranquil sounds of the countryside with 3D spatial audio. The game will also feature blazing-fast load speeds thanks to the powerful SSD.

If you are interested in playing Rise of the Ronin but cannot wait to buy it, you will be happy to know that pre-orders are now live through participating retailers and the official PlayStation store. All pre-orders will receive an early unlock of Iga Ninja’s Katana and Armour set and an early unlock of 4 Combat Styles to help you Forge Your Fate. You can pre-order the Standard Edition or the Digital Deluxe Edition which includes the game, all pre-order incentives along with Iga Ninja’s Staff, Toyokuni Paired Swords, Bando Warrior Armour set, and Japanese Formal Wear set. Additional editions are also in the pipeline however they will be announced later.

Rise of the Ronin Release Date

Are you looking forward to playing Rise of the Ronin on the PS5 and what are your thoughts on its release date announcement? Let us know in the comments section below.

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