Review: Super Tennis – Simple Mechanics with Intense Tennis Gameplay

Review Super Tennis

Ultimate Games S.A. is a well-known publisher that brings many unique titles to Nintendo Switch. Quite recently we reviewed their titles Bug Academy and Demolish & Build as well. Their latest release on Nintendo Switch is Super Tennis which is essentially a really simple yet extremely tense title that takes a brand new take on how you play tennis. Super Tennis also brings with it retro visuals and soundtrack which goes really well with the game. Check out our detailed review of Super Tennis below.

Super Tennis is a tennis game but it comes with a twist. The overall formula of Super Tennis is the same as any other tennis game where you must play with an opponent and try to beat them. However, the gameplay of Super Tennis is extremely unique and not something you would have seen before in a tennis game. Right after booting the game, you get to create your own character and quickly thrust into your very first game of Super Tennis.

Review Super Tennis

The gameplay of Super Tennis is not what you would normally expect from a tennis game. Instead of giving you complete control of the player, you simply have to press the on-screen commands and the game will handle the shots and movement for you. There are no complicated controls here to manage the player’s stamina, hold buttons to land some advanced hits rather all you need to do is press the commands which are displayed on the screen and the game will do the rest for you.

However, as simple as that sounds, it is not. The gameplay is still pretty challenging as the timer sometimes is extremely small and one mistake will cost you the whole match. If you make one wrong input, you are given another chance. Do it again and it is an instant loss. In order to gain another chance of missing a shot, you must perform a perfect shot next or you will lose the match, Your enemies will never miss the ball and can only be defeated by filling the bar at the top of the screen. Once the bar is full, the enemies will instantly lose on the next shot that you play.

Review Super Tennis

Since the game can only be played in the form of a season, whatever season you are playing will be reset if you lose a match. You can save complete loss by spending 50 credits and purchasing a save spot at higher tier matches. This way, if you lose a match by completing a few, you will have a save spot much higher in the season and will save you the trouble of playing the whole season again. Other than this, you use the in-game currency to purchase different cool costumes and when we say there are a lot of costumes, we really mean that there are a lot of costumes in the game.

The costumes do not have any bonuses with them and they are only for aesthetic purposes however the sheer amount of costumes in the game makes it worth a try to unlock them all. Each costume costs 500 credits and you can purchase additional costumes to make your character look like a zombie, a fly or even a maid. Whatever comes to your mind, there is a costume for that in Super Tennis. Unlocking costumes is yet another mechanic that you can look forward to after beating all seasons in the game. Apart from purchasing costumes, some costumes can only be unlocked by winning certain leagues or completing certain challenges.

Review Super Tennis

There are three seasons in Super Tennis and each season has different leagues in them. Each season has 12 leagues in them and every league will take you to a major city across the world such as Warsaw, London, Los Angeles, and Liverpool. The toughest season is Season 3 and it has the most locations as well. You get to play Tennis in locations like USS Carrier, BBQ Party and Area 51. Of course, unlocking these locations is no easy job but the challenge and fun each location brings are definitely worth unlocking them.

Final Verdict:

Super Tennis is a great simple game and can surely keep you busy for ours. There are no complex mechanics involved here and the simple yet challenging gameplay ensures that you are always on your feet. If you are looking forward to a simple yet challenging game, Super Tennis is surely going to keep you busy for quite some time. The different tournaments offer plenty of gameplay options and the added challenges each location brings will ensure that your first playthrough is full of failures. The funny costumes are also a really cool addition to the game. It might not be the best way to play tennis but it is surely a fun one. I will suggest that you give this game a shot if you prefer playing simple yet challenging games.

Final Score: 8/10

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