Review: Ski Sniper – Extremely Fun Shooter Offering Stress-Free Sniping

Review Ski Sniper

Ultimate Games S.A. has released quite a bit of fun and short session titles in recent times such as Otherwordly, Demolish & Build and Fishing Adventure which we recently reviewed. Their latest release is, however, the most humorous and fun one which is Ski Sniper. Ski Sniper introduced a whole new meaning to sniping and precision shooting. This is our review of Ski Sniper in which we take aim and shoot down some ski jumpers.

Just as the name suggests, Ski Sniper is all about shooting Ski jumpers using extremely high-powered and sophisticated sniper rifles. The game is set in a single ski resort where you have a lot of shooting spots to choose from. These shooting spots offer a different level of challenge as the angle and distance to the ski jumpers change with every sniping position you choose. However, when you start the game for the first time, there is no tutorial to guide you through the levels.

Review Ski Sniper

However, I simply checked the controls and after that, I was good to go. The gameplay of Ski Sniper is extremely simple and you do not necessarily need any sort of tutorials that should get you up to speed to the complex mechanics of the game. The controls and extremely simple and you will be able to snipe the ski jumpers in no time. There is no campaign in the game and all locations are unlocked right from the start of the game. There is no leveling up in the game either.

It is made purely for fun and it ensures that you have plenty of fun. The initial rifle that you get is not very effective so you are limited to the spots which are easiest to snipe from. After earning a little bit of money, I was able to head to the shop and drop some cash on a better rifle which allowed me to zoom in more, had better fire rate and was more stable. To make your shots stable you can empty your lung but the better the stability rating of the rifle, the more accurate your shots are in the game.

After the upgrade, I really started having fun as with the first gun, I was missing out too many shots and was unable to snipe from some of the spots as the angle was too complicated and the distance was too much as well and the sniper’s scope was too weak. With the upgraded sniper rifle, I really started racking up some shots. Ski Sniper also comes with an X-Ray vision and slows down for every sniper shot that you land on the ski jumpers. This is really cool and shows you the body in slow motion with an X-ray vision where the bullet strikes and goes through the ski jumper.

This mechanic feels like something straight out of the Sniper Elite franchise however it is pretty cool to look at. The main goal here is to have fun. The ultimate goal is to purchase the best gear and complete all challenges in all locations. Each location comes with its own set of unique challenges such as getting 5 kills in a row without missing, 30 total headshots, 30 total rib shots and more. These challenges make up most of the campaign of the game where you try to beat all of the challenges to achieve 100% in every location.

Review Ski Sniper

However, these challenges are pretty straight forward and do not really stray away from the main purpose of the game which is having a laugh as you try desperately to not miss shots and take down as many of the ski jumpers as possible. Sometimes, you will need to take out two or more ski jumpers at the same time. In addition, you can also purchase pills that enhance your focus strength, time and duration allowing you more options to customize your build in the game. In short, all these little mechanics combine together to deliver an extremely fun sniping experience which is extremely unique these days.

Final Verdict:

Ski Sniper is an extremely fun game that also requires precision and hours and hours of fun. It is a game which does not take anything seriously and is just for pure fun. There are no complex shooting mechanics involved here. You simply jump in a location, shoot down some ski jumpers and head back home like it’s a normal thing. The shooting is fun and satisfying and the slow-mo animations are really cool to look at. Ski Sniper is not going to win any awards for its visuals or mechanics but it has certainly won our hearts as we had some really great time playing around and shooting down some ski jumpers in this fun little game. If you like sniping games and do not want something too serious or complex, you should definitely give Ski Sniper a shot. Which other game allows you to shoot down ski jumpers while hiding in a sniping perch across the resort?

Final Score: 8/10

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