Review: Save Your Nuts – Don’t Let Anyone Near Your Nuts

Review Save Your Nuts

Save Your Nuts is a brand new wacky multiplayer game by Triple Scale Games. The main aim of Save Your Nuts is to become the best team player and ensure that your team always wins whether it is about stealing nuts or busting nuts. Featuring a different number of modes and diverse characters, is Save Your Nuts the ultimate couch co-op game? This is our review of Save Your Nuts on Steam in which we try to steal some nuts while busting some nuts.

Save Your Nuts is a party game and is meant for co-op couch play with your friends or family and it does not disappoint at that. With up to eight-player local and online co-op support, Save Your Nuts ensures that your whole squad or family can join in the fun. If you don’t have anyone to play the game with, you can take the action online and jump in different game modes with players from around the globe in intense matches. With full controller support, you can simply jump in the action without any problems. During our review, we used a mix of PS4 Dualshock and Xbox One controllers and all of them seem to work fine with the game.

Review Save Your Nuts

Save Your Nuts offers three game modes to play. You have Capture the Nut, Battle, and Thieves. Each of these modes is unique however all of them support eight-player cop-op. However, depending on the map size, you may need to reduce the number of players since smaller maps allow less number of players in each team. Depending on your choice, you can be part of the red team or the blue team. You will need to be part of one of these two teams in order to play the game. If you want to have a full house however you don’t have enough players, you can also add in some bots to fill up the empty spots. Also, switch their difficulty to the maximum and you can have a very crazy match.

Coming to the game modes, my favorite game mode out of the bunch is Capture the Nut. This mode is essentially a Capture the Flag mode where you and your opposition try to get a hold of a single nut that spawns in the middle of the map and bring it back to your own homebase. The team who manages to bring back 5 nuts first is the winner. Apart from this, you Battle where the goal switches to hitting your opponents nuts to knock them out. Here, there are no rules and its survival of the fittest. Each team player gets three nuts and once all of them are hit, you are knocked out and the first team to knock out all of the opposition wins the round.

The third and final game mode is Thieves which is similar to Capture the Nut but more chaotic. This time around, instead of a single nut, you have five nuts on the screen and you can also steal from your opposition’s homebase if they manage to score before you. This causes absolute mayhem on the screen and if you have a full party on either sides, it is extremely fun as you punch each other around and try to get as many nuts as possible. This mode is probably the most fun mode however Capture the Nut feels more intense sometimes as everyone is trying to capture that one nut and bring it back to the homebase so there is a lot of punching and flying involved here.

During the matches, you can also pick up some items that greatly benefit you in the gameplay and give you an edge over the opposition. There are three basic items that spawn randomly in games. You can pick up coffee which increases your movement speed. Then you have the donut that gives you super strength and a single punch from your oversized fists will ensure that your opposition flies at least half of the map away from you. The final item is the Hot Dog which is your shield. Unlike your very own shield, this shield lasts much longer and is a perfect item to use when you have the nut and are trying to bring it back to your homebase.

Review Save Your Nuts

If these items are not enough for you, you can also look for red crosses on the floor and dig them. However, digging is not easy. It takes time and your opposition will not be so kind to simply let you dig. This is because these dig spots offer some of the best items that you can find in the game. These items include jetpacks, bombs, and traps that you can use during the game for a massive advantage over the opposition. All of these items further add to the mayhem of the game as you punch, get punched and try to save your nuts from the onslaught of punches. However, these items are not the only thing that affect your gameplay.

As you play Save Your Nuts, you will continue to unlock more characters in the game that you can use in the game. Each of these characters comes with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. For example, a character might come with increased dig speed or might have increased speed. With a stronger stat, each character will have a weak stat. However, these stats do not affect the game too much. It is not too complicated and I enjoyed the game with every character that I played with. These stats do not impact the game too much that you would be required to spend a lot of time to understand what each character does best. It’s a game about having fun and you can do that with any character you like.

Review Save Your Nuts

The stages or arenas are pretty diversified in the game as well. There is a Pirate Ship that comes with cannons that you can fire at your enemies or your own teammates. Then you have a Waterfall where you can fall down the bridges easily. You also have a train station where trains and moving traffic will ensure that you keep on getting knocked down by failing to get out of their way. Each location in the game is unique and comes with its own challenges. Apart from your opposition, you will also be looking out for these additional location challenges. Only the strongest will win in Save Your Nuts.

The gameplay of Save Your Nuts is pretty simple and is really easy to understand. There is very little thought behind its execution and for me, it is really easy to win games as well. I hardly lost a match however the game is pretty addictive. However, with all this said, you cannot expect to just spam your way to victory. It is still a co-op game and you will need the help of your teammates and they will need your help. You can use some advanced tactics in the game such as forming a defense circle around the teammate carrying the nut or simply hitting the teammate with super strength to make them go flying into the homebase.

It is perfect for short gaming sessions as well however because of its addictive nature, you can easily get hooked to the game and you just continue to play level after level. Unlocking characters and stages is really simple. The final version of the game also comes with a bonus Football and Basketball level where your team must score big to win. These little levels and their additional playable mechanics such as the cannons of the Pirate Ship level give you a lot of different ways to develop a strategy and ensure that your team wins every time.

Final Verdict:

Save Your Nuts is a fun party game and it is quite a good one. For me, the content which includes the characters and stages might be a little too low as in the long run, you will eventually get bored and will want to have more stages and characters to play with in the game. For the time being however, Save Your Nuts can keep you and your friends and family entertained for a long time. The controls are fun and gameplay is crisp. I really liked the stage design as well however the character customization could have been a little better. I did not really like the colors of the animals as they looked alien in some of the colors available to them. The game runs pretty stable and I did not encounter any sort of crashes or lags even with a full eight player party kicking each other’s nuts. If you are looking for a decent co-op couch game which offers decent gameplay and lots of fun, give Save Your Nuts a shot.

Final Score: 8.0/10

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