Review: Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator – Confusing Controls Hinder an Otherwise Great Game

Review: Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator

Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator is yet another release by Ultimate Games S.A. for Nintendo Switch. Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator is a first-of-a-kind motorcycle sim for Nintendo Switch which allows you to run your own bike repair shop. The game allows you to take apart bikes, find the problems in different components and replace the parts to ensure that your clients always go home happy. This is our review of the Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator in which we try out the game and see how good the game really is.

Right after booting the game, you are introduced to the game’s mechanics via a tutorial. The tutorial introduces you or at least tries to introduce you to the basic controls and mechanics of the game. Complete the tutorial and you are free to run your own motorcycle repair shop however you want. Visually, the game looks just okay. There are no special visual effects or lightning that will really make the game look amazing. For a Nintendo Switch game, however, that is pretty normal.

Review: Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator

The biggest problem for me while playing Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator was understanding controls and I had to spend quite a lot of time in the game before I was quickly working on the bikes. To make matters worse, the initial tutorial is extremely annoying. I prefer exploring my own way around a game of this caliber but Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator wants you to be the game’s slave until you complete the initial bike repair. I always appreciate initial tutorials but this particular game’s tutorial is extremely confusing. If you do jump in Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator, I suggest that you just go through with the tutorial and then explore the buttons and menu tabs yourself properly.

However, once I was able to play the game properly and I was accustomed to all shortcuts and controls, I really started having fun in the game. Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator offers plenty of content if you are a motorcycle fan. After getting the hang of the game, you will really pick up the pack while you are fixing your clients’ bikes. The quicker you fix their bike, the more time bonus you will earn and this is a great way to earn some extra money over the normal repair fees.

The repair consists of three phases. Sometimes the problems will be clearly marked on the bike however sometimes you will only get to know the problem after you open a particular component. Most of the clients will simply give you cues about problems like they are having issues starting up the engines or brakes are squeaky. You then open up that particular part and then look for the worn-out parts and repair them or switch them out with new ones if their condition is marked with red.

Sometimes certain minigames will also trigger in the game while you are dissembling bike parts. These minigames will require you to use a particular tool from the toolbox and then input some keys properly to open up nuts or loosen up the screws to open up the component for repairs. These minigames add a good touch of realism in the game. After you’ve opened up the faulty components and swapped out with new ones, all you need to do is put the bike back together and the task will be complete.

Review: Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator

As you play the game, more orders will continuously appear and it will all depend on your speed and skill to complete them quickly. While there is no penalty for missing out orders, you still lose out on potential earnings if you take too long on repairing a bike. It will take a little bit of practice but when you are accustomed to the controls of the game, you can quickly repair the bikes and have them out on the street in no time. This will ensure that you earn as much as possible without losing too many clients.

Some of the clients will particularly ask for replacement components to be from premium brands. In these cases, you will earn more money but you must replace the components with premium ones in order to properly complete the order. Clients who require premium components are clearly marked ‘Premium’ before you take their job. As you complete more and more jobs, you continue to unlock more premium parts and even better bikes.

Review: Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator

Apart from repairing client bikes, you also have the opportunity to purchase your very own bike from auctions. There is a dedicated auction tab in the game where all the current live auctions are displayed. If a bike catches your eye, you can start bidding for it and eventually win the bike if you think the price is right for it. These used bikes come with their own problems and you must repair them as well. These bikes will cost you money and even their repairs will cost you money. However once the bike is back to 100% condition, you can either keep the bike for yourself or sell it for a profit in the market.

Each garage will offer you a particular spot where you can store a bike of your choice. As you earn more money, you can afford to purchase better garages that not only allow you to store more than one bike but also allow you to get some garage bonus on each successful bike repair that you do. The bikes stored in your garage are not there only for show off. Once you get tired of fixing bikes, you can also go out and take your bikes for a spin. The driving controls are not too good but the mechanic is still pretty cool.

Final Verdict:

Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator is an ambitious game and offers plenty of content as well. The motorcycle selection in the game is pretty decent and the whole concept of fixing bikes is pretty neat as well. However, to be termed as a proper simulator, the game is lacking depth. It should have had more part options, after-market parts and the ability to upgrade bikes as well. I am sure many of the bike enthusiasts out there would love to work on their favorite virtual bike and modify it into an absolute beast. In its current form, it is still a really fun game and I had a good time working on bikes and testing out my own bikes before selling them off. If you love bikes and were looking forward to a motorcycle sim on Nintendo Switch, Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator will certainly not disappoint you. Just make sure to practice a bit to get a good grip on the controls.

Final Verdict: 7/10

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