Returnal Icarian Grapnel Guide – How to Get Grappling Hook

Returnal Icarian Grapnel Guide

This Returnal Icarian Grapnel Guide will show you how you can get the Icarian Grapnel, a grappling hook that allows you to grapple from one point to another. This makes traversing pretty easier.

The grappling hook or the Icarian Grapnel can only be hooked on the yellow grapple points. The hook is important because it allows you to get to areas that are impossible to reach otherwise. It can also be used in various interesting ways, including quickly moving around during combat, retrieving hard-to-reach items, getting access to hidden areas, or even use to dodge incoming enemy projectiles during boss battles.

Returnal Icarian Grapnel Guide

Below we have detailed how to get the Icarian Grapnel in the game.

How to Get Icarian Grapnel

The Icarian Grapnel can be obtained pretty early in the game, but it does require you to beat the second boss when you reach the end of the Crimson Wastes. The boss is called Ixion, where the boss fight happens in three different stages in the battle.

Once you have beaten Ixion, you will get the Icarian Grapnel which can now be used for various activities with the introduction of new movement mechanics. When you first use the grapple hook, look towards the yellow grapple point and press Triangle to hook and move around using it.

The more you use it in creative ways, the better you will become in moving from one place to the other or even dodging enemies in battles. The Icarian Grapple is one of the most important things you can get, which fortunately is not that hard to obtain, but does make you work for it by fighting the second boss in the game.

This concludes our Returnal Icarian Grapnel Guide that showed you how to get the grappling hook in the game. Post your comments below.

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