Step Into Retro Horror with The Tower on the Borderland

The Tower on the Borderland

Belgian solo developer DascuMaru is gearing up to deliver a spine-chilling experience with the upcoming release of The Tower on the Borderland, a retro-inspired horror game that promises to reignite the thrills of classic horror titles.

Scheduled to launch on May 20th on Steam, The Tower on the Borderland invites players to immerse themselves in a haunting journey filled with ghastly creatures and ominous mysteries. Priced at $15.99, the game will also offer a 10% launch discount for a limited period.

Check out the release date trailer below:

Drawing inspiration from the golden age of horror games, particularly the iconic original PlayStation era, this atmospheric adventure promises a nostalgic trip down memory lane while delivering fresh scares and challenges for modern players.

In The Tower on the Borderland, players take on the role of Erin, a special ops soldier trapped within a nightmarish tower teeming with grotesque creatures, demonic entities, and the unsettling echoes of their former squad mates’ voices echoing through the crackling radio. As Erin, players must navigate through the labyrinthine levels of the tower, confronting fearsome adversaries and uncovering dark secrets to survive and ultimately escape this malevolent domain.

Key Features of “The Tower on the Borderland” include:

  • PSX-Inspired Visuals: Immerse yourself in a world of gritty, low-fi textures and eerie ambiance reminiscent of classic PlayStation-era horror titles.
  • Classic Horror Gameplay: Engage in resource management, strategic decision-making, and tense encounters where choosing between fight or flight can mean the difference between life and death.
  • Arms and Armor: Discover and collect powerful weaponry and equipment as you progress, empowering you to stand against the terrors lurking within the tower.
  • Radio Communication: Utilize your radio to map out the tower’s layout, communicate with former squad mates, and unravel the mysteries hidden within its walls.

The Tower on the Borderland

The Tower on the Borderland promises a captivating blend of psychological horror, survival gameplay, and retro aesthetics, offering horror enthusiasts a chance to relive the chilling ambiance of classic horror games while embarking on a new and terrifying adventure. Keep an eye out for its release on Steam and brace yourself for a descent into darkness like never before.

Are you looking forward to playing The Tower on the Borderland when it comes out on PC via Steam? Let us know in the comments section below.

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