Resident Evil Village to Feature Performance & Visual Fidelity Mode on PS5

Resident Evil Village Performance PS5

In a recent interview, Resident Evil Village director Morimasa Sato revealed that Resident Evil Village will feature Performance and Graphics mode on the PS5. Additional details were not revealed about the two modes at this point however we can expect the performance mode to deliver higher frames at the cost of some visual effects however the Graphics mode will aim for the 4K resolution at the cost of frames. This is quite common for multiple Capcom titles in the past as well.

Resident Evil Village is the upcoming mainstream Resident Evil title and Capcom is now releasing more and more details about the game ahead of its release next month. The Resident Evil Village demo released by Capcom already features Ray Tracing so we can expect the full version of the game to feature Ray Tracing on the PS5 console as well however this will definitely come at the cost of frames. Capcom will most probably release additional details during this week’s Resident Evil Village showcase.

Resident Evil Village Performance PS5

This was announced by the director Morimasa Sato in an exclusive interview for the April 2021 edition of the Official PlayStation Magazine where he detailed that Resident Evil Village will feature Performance and Graphics mode similar to that of Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition released for the PS5. Capcom is aiming to take full use of the increased power offered by the PS5 and hence, the game will offer multiple modes that players will be able to change according to their own playing preferences.

Resident Evil Village will continue the story of Resident Evil 7’s protagonist Ethan Winters and will conclude his story. The game is set several years after Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. Apart from the single-player campaign, the game will also come with a multiplayer feature called RE: Verse. Capcom previously shared details about the infamous Lady Dimitrescu featured in the game who is exceptionally tall. You can also check out the previous Resident Evil Village showcase for additional details about the game.

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