Resident Evil 4 Gemstones Guide – Gemstone Combination Bonuses, How to Get More Money

Resident Evil 4 Gemstones Guide

Gemstones and Treasures in Resident Evil 4 can be sold to the Merchant for money or Pesetas. While you will get all sorts of Gemstones in the game, they can be sold for more profit when you can avail Gemstone Bonuses that the game offers. This Resident Evil 4 Gemstones Guide will show you how to pair the gemstones and get more money using the gemstone bonuses.

Resident Evil 4 Gemstones Guide

Gemstones in Resident Evil 4 are differentiated by their colors and their shapes. There are three different Circle Gemstones and Square Gemstones. Each of the shapes and their color differences have a different value for a gemstone.

Round Gemstones

  • Yellow– 7,000 Pesetas
  • Sapphire– 4,000 Pesetas
  • Ruby– 3,000 Pesetas

Square Gemstones

  • Red – 9,000 Pesetas
  • Emerald – 5,000 Pesetas
  • Purple – 6,000 Pesetas

All Gemstone Combination Bonuses

Gemstones combination bonus is what makes the whole difference when it comes to making money from the Merchant. While each gemstone has its own value when sold individually. The best way to make the most money is by selling different gemstones using the game’s combination bonuses to make money.

This is because the different combinations give you different bonus multipliers. Pairing different colors of gemstones can give you bonuses as opposed to selling them randomly or individually. Check out all the combinations and bonuses below before you sell any of your gemstones in the game.




Two Colors Two gemstones of differing colors x1.1
Duo Two gemstones of the same color x1.2
Three Colors Three gemstones of differing colors x1.3
Trio Three gemstones of the same color x1.4
Two Duos Two duos x1.5
Four Colors Four gemstones of differing colors x1.6
Quartet Four gemstones of the same color x1.7
Duo and Trio One duo and one trio x1.8
Quintet Five gemstones of the same color x1.9
Five Colors Five gemstones of differing colors x2.0

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That’s all the gemstone bonuses and the combinations as shown in this Resident Evil 4 Gemstones Guide. Post your comments below.

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