Resident Evil 4 Best Weapons Guide – Best Weapons to Buy First

Resident Evil 4 Best Weapons Guide

Resident Evil games never shy from challenging the players, especially when it comes to the scarce amount of money and resources like weapons and ammo. Having said that, players must use whatever amount of Pesetas they have saved for the best weapons that the game has to offer. This Resident Evil 4 Best Weapons Guide will show you the best weapons that you should invest in and the ones that are going to be the best in combat.

Resident Evil 4 Best Weapons Guide

There are two weapons that are the best in the game when it comes to how they play during combat and how they are effective in taking down enemies. The best weapons that you should look to purchase are the Rifle and the Shotgun. Both the weapons are really effective in their own way where one packs a punch while the other comes with a scope and steady rate of fire.

If we had to rate one over the other, the Rifle edges ahead because of the free scope that you get with it when you buy it in Chapter 2. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get the Shotgun as it is also an excellent weapon for controlling several enemies, and also giving you some breathing space as it deals significantly high amounts of damage per shot.

For the best combat experience, you should save up enough money to purchase both the Rifle and the Shotgun as you will be facing all sorts of enemies in the story. If you are running short on money, you can sell unused weapons and treasures to make up some money in return.

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That’s the best weapons in the game as shown in this Resident Evil 4 Best Weapons Guide. Post your comments below.

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