Reinhard Pollice Hints at Darksiders 3 Game Length

Darksiders 3 will release November 27, 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC Steam platform. The game is third installment in Darksiders series. The third game in the series is releasing late than expected mainly due to bankruptcy of THQ Nordic couple of years ago.

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Business & Product Development Director at THQ Nordic Reinhard Pollice in an interview with Wccftech hinted at game length of Darksiders 3. The game length that he mentioned is an average sum and can be achieved on normal difficulty. In interview he said:

Playtime is always a tricky question as it depends on numerous factors. On average, we would say somewhere around 15-hours-plus, which is similar to the first Darksiders.

The Fury is the third horse-men that will be lead protagonist in Darksiders 3. She is more lethal and terrifying than the first two horse-men who came before her. All four horse-men are related with each other. For one, Fury calls ‘War and Death’ brothers.

A recent trailer by Gunfire Games showcased some scenes where Fury’s hairs turn purple. Her real color is red-ish, but for some un-explained reasons in the trailer, her hairs turn purple. We will get to know more once THQ Nordic or Gunfire Games shed information officially. Watch the trailer here to know more.

The game releases by the end of next month and THQ Nordic already revealed the downloadable content of the game. The DLC is name Keepers of the Void. The downloadable content will feature ‘The Crucible mode and Abyssal Armor’. The content will be locked in for the DLC only.

This means that Abyssal Armor that was first shown in original Darksiders game will also appear in Darksiders 3 DLC, but, it will be accessible only while playing the DLC. THQ Nordic will share more details in coming weeks.

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