Rockstar Games Has Announced That Red Dead Online Progress Will Carry On

Red Dead Online Update

In a recent tweet, Rockstar Games has assured the fans of Red Dead Online that their stats and progress will not be wiped out when the Online feature exists the beta mode. This announcement comes after the initial announcement when Rockstar Games announced that progress could be lost once the beta phase ends.

According to the tweet, Rockstar Games has clearly mentioned that they do not plan on wiping the progress and stats from the accounts once the beta phase ends. Players who are playing Red Dead Online can carry on like they are and all the progress will be carried forward.

The current agenda of Rockstar Games is working on game stability and bringing a balance to the weird economy of the game. In Red Dead Online, baked beans were more expensive than Gold which was a very weird decision to make in the first place.

However, after receiving much fan feedback, Rockstar Games have announced that they will be working on the economy of the game and the prices of things will be worked on so that it is much balanced and feels more real.

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Red Dead Online is live since November 28 and is currently running in its beta phase. Rockstar claims that is wants to deliver the best online experience to the fans of the series and hence it has launched Online in a beta phase.

Rockstar Games is actively listening to fans and has released some updates in the past which have fixed many bugs and glitches from the Online. Red Dead Online also includes a short Battle Royale mode where players strive to be the last one using only knives and bows.

It is a very unique take on Battle Royale and surprisingly one that is actually quite fun to play. With the most recent announcement, Rockstar Games have laid rest to one of the major things worrying the fans that all their time spent in Red Dead Online will be wasted if the progress is reset.

Fans who are enjoying Red Dead Online can now continue to enjoy the game without the worry of their hard work going to waste. An update is due later this week which will introduce further changes in Red Dead Online.

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