Red Dead Online Fast XP Glitch Guide – Earn +7,000XP in an Hour

Red Dead Online Fast XP Glitch Guide

In this Red Dead Online Fast XP Glitch Guide, we will show you the way you can earn a lot of experience points in the online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2. This trick can earn you around 7,000 XP in one hour.

This glitch is the fastest we know as of yet, it gives out thrice the amount of XP compared to PVP matches. However, you still have to work hard if you want to earn this many experience points, but you will only be fighting AI enemies in an online story mission.

Red Dead Online Fast XP Glitch Guide

Below we will guide you step by step in how you can achieve experience points in the fastest way. Since this mission requires 2 players, you and your partner will earn around 7,000 per hour each.

Fastest Way to Gain XP

  • The first thing is to make a 2 player posse, preferable with a friend as this glitch will require 2 players.
  • The leader of the posse has to initiate replay of the final online story mission “Kill Them, Each and Every One”.
  • Select Matchmaking, and then quit immediately when you enter the lobby, exiting with your posse, which will bring out you and your friend out into the open world.
  • Next step involves you and your friend to simultaneously enter the mission start marked by a yellow circle.
  • Now the posse leader must start the mission, where if the previous steps where done correctly, will take you straight to the mission instead of matchmaking.
  • Follow the mission objectives until you reach Fort Mercer, where after a cutscene you will get 50 Split Point Ammo for your Carbine Repeater (you get this for free). You need to choose the Split Point Ammo as it gets you +6 XP per kill.
  • When you reach the last enemy, let him kill both of you so you can retry from the last checkpoint. This will respawn al the enemies, who you can kill again to add to your XP points collection.
  • Now all you have to do is keep repeating from the checkpoint, with the same Split Point ammo, and letting the last guy kill you and your teammate. If you keep at it, you can farm at least 7,000 XP in one hour.

This glitch can earn at least 600 XP per person in 5 minutes, if you do not wish to play for an hour. As mentioned before, this is the fastest way to earn a lot of experience points in the game, it will also be helpful if you wish to achieve the Notorious trophy/Achievement in Red Dead Online.

The glitch as found by a PSN User – Waraneasy.

This concludes our Red Dead Online Fastest XP Glitch Guide. Feel free to comment below.


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