Red Dead Online Details Leaked – Battle Royale, Bows, Knifes and More

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Red Dead Online Beta will release periodically across different versions starting from November 27, 2018 8:30 a.m. ET. A list of features have already leaked that will be a part of Red Dead Online.

The leaked online details shows ‘Make it Count’ mode. The mode will support up to 32-players fighting each other till the last man standing. The mode will have you access to restricted set of weapons and you will get to fight in a shrinking circle.

‘Make it Count’ mode sounds more like a battle royale online experience with custom mods and less number of players. The details are dug by illogicalmods, who have also leaked few online story missions that will be part of Red Dead Online experience.

The leaked ‘Make it Count’ feature restricts players to bow and knives. The leaked list shows two different map styles where players will be pitched against each other to fight till last man standing.

The leaked list mentions Saint Denis Plantation and Tall Trees, where you will have access to bow only. While the Stillwater Creek and Strawberry versions of ‘Make it Count’ will restrict you to only throwing knives.

There is also data of horse races in Red Dead Online. We are not sure how much of fun that will be considering how slow horses are and how quick their stamina runs out. GTA Online races were a lot of fun. Still, it will be interesting to see how Rockstar pulls horse races in the Online Beta of the game.

If you liked the bounty hunting in the main game, then there are loads of it returning for Red Dead Online. Few of them have been leaked so far. Horley is the character who will be involved in Bounty jobs. In one of the bounty missions, Horley tasks players with hunting down a conman and outlaw on behalf of a Police Chief.

Another bounty job missions tasks you to avenge the death of a woman’s husband. Horley will also introduce players with a horse thief, Clay Davies.

We are sure there will be loads of activities that Rockstar will announce officially. We may get to see Bank Heists missions that were also a part of GTA Online. For now, we are all set to some coop fun playing missions in Red Dead Online.

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