Red Art Games Announces Physical Release of Project Starship

Project Starship Physical

Red Art Games has announced its latest physical release of the 2D bullet hell-type shoot ‘em up Project Starship for the PS4. The game is originally developed by Panda Indie Studio, and it was ported to consoles by Eastasiasoft. Similar to Red Art’s previous releases, this is also a limited release and only a handful of copies will be released.

Players interested in getting their hands on a physical copy of Project Starship will need to hurry because only 999 boxed PS4 copies of the game will be made, and they will be released today at 5 PM CET on the official Red Art Games’ website. Each copy will set you back €19.99. According to the press release, the production of physical copies is complete, and they will be shipped as soon as they are put on sale.

Project Starship allows you to take the role of Garret or Gwen who are tasked with saving the world from an ancient evil. You will evade, adapt and survive in randomly generated challenges that are never the same twice. You will get to take down gods and demons and dive deeper to confront the hidden eye that watches over everything.

Check out the game trailer below to see Project Starship in action:

Key features of the game include:

  • Choose to play a male or female pilot.
  • Save the world from an ancient evil.
  • Challenge evil gods and mad demons in full-screen bullet hell shoot ’em up action!
  • Dive into the unknown and defeat the Hidden Eye!
  • Evade, adapt and blast your way through a randomized galaxy.

Previous physical releases by Red Art Games include Red Death, Calico, The Procession to Calvary, Bats, and Task Force Kampas. For additional details about Project Starship, you can check out the official page of the game over at Red Art Games.

Are you looking forward to getting your hands on the physical release of Project Starship? Let us know in the comments section below.

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