Reboot Vans Are Arriving in Fortnite

Fortnite Reboot Vans

Reboot Vans are finally arriving in Fortnite with the next update which will allow players to respawn their downed teammates. These Reboot Vans will be parked in different locations in Fortnite and after every use, they will enter a downtime until they can charge themselves up for the next reboot.

With the release of Apex Legends, Respawn introduced some new cool mechanics to the battle royale genre such as the pinging system and the ability to respawn your teammates after they die. Fortnite quickly adapted the pinging system and introduced its own ping system which went live in the game some time ago.

Earlier we got some rumors that Epic Games is working to bring some respawn mechanic to Fortnite as well and we got some leaked pictures of these respawn vans. Now Epic has finally revealed these vans and it seems like that the rumors were true and Epic is indeed bringing the mechanic to Fortnite.

You can check out the Fortnite Battle Royale Dev Update video below in which you can see how the complete process with work.

Downed teammates are common when you are playing in Duos or Squads mode in Fortnite. You will often play a match where one or more members of a team are killed by the enemies and a single member is left to take on the rest of the teams in the match.

With the new mechanic in place, the survivors will get an opportunity to bring back their teammates and have a chance at winning the game. If a teammate is killed, players can pick up their Reboot Card from their bodies and head straight to the nearest Reboot Van.

At the Reboot Van, you can insert the Reboot Card and wait for the process to complete. The process will take some time and during this time the van will start honking and light up because of some weird reason. If you manage to complete the process without attracting the whole game to yourself, the van enters a cooldown mode.

Until the cooldown is complete, the van cannot be used by anyone to bring back their dead buddies. Once the cooldown is complete, the van will be ready to bring back the dead. This is a pretty cool feature which was first introduced in Apex Legends but without the weird noises and lights.

Are you still playing Fortnite? If yes, are you excited to use the new feature when it comes out as an update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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