New Tabletop RPG Experience Realm Architect Goes Live on Kickstarter

Realm Architect, a brand-new and easy-to-use immersive worldbuilding VTT, launched its Kickstarter campaign today which will lighten the burden on game masters everywhere. Realm Architect is a new Virtual Tabletop solution featuring a modern and intuitive user interface. It is aiming to completely change the way you create and play TTRPG campaigns as it makes it easier to set up entire worlds or Realms as called here, and it removes all of the time-consuming stress of preparing everything down to the most minor of details.

As the official press release details, three main aspects of Real Architect make it more than just another Virtual TableTop and these include:

  • It uses a VTT base as the blueprint, with all your data available in a digital platform
  • but layers the accessibility of (single-player) RPG videogames on top,
  • and adds easy-to-learn worldbuilding tools Game Masters have been craving.

You can also check out the official Kickstarter trailer of Realm Architect below to know more about the project and how it is aiming to change the realm of Virtual TableTops:

The trailer features Becca Scott from Geek & Sundry and Good Times Society, who has been the voice for Dungeons & Dragons along with Magic: The Gathering, as she explains what Realm Architect really all is about. If you are still confused about it, Realm Architect is a VTT solution that will empower players and creators in the TTRPG space to experience and create the best stories ever told. It is an immersive and easy-to-use world-building VTT. Times are changing now, and it is getting really hard for game masters to invest time in their running campaigns.

Fatigue, loss of motivation, and plenty of other factors are the cause of game masters just losing interest in the game. There are plenty of different VTT solutions available but they are either too tough or they take too much time in order to set up games. This is the reason why the team behind Realm Architect wanted to deliver a solution that is both easy to use and does not need a lot of technical know-how. Key features of Realm Architect include:

  • Drag & Drop: The ease of use in Realm Architect is next to none, with zero coding required. Every essential element is right there for you to drag & drop onto your map.
  • Easy to use codex: Whether you want to upload your own character sheets and monster manuals or use existing ones, it’s as easy as the click of a button.
  • No notes required: Our automated systems keep track of player HP, status effects, and even buffs & boons that affect your die-rolls. No need to write anything down, we do all the grunt work for you!
  • Build Realms, not maps: You can navigate from the world map, to a town center, and waltz into the inn with a few clicks, no need to load separate scenes.
  • Plug & Play: Realm Architect will have ready-made content for you to adventure through. Choose from campaigns made by experienced GMs and veteran publishers and find whatever your thrill-seeking heart may require.
  • Make it your own: the UI will be customizable so the look & feel of the interface matches your campaign. Going for a Lovecraftian horror setting or a cyberpunk sci-fi thriller? Everything is possible.

Realm Architect is currently under development by a trio of friends who are trying to make TTRPGs more accessible to both veteran and new players of the genre. Game Masters are one of the key players in this genre and they want to make it easier for players to become Game Masters so that this barrier is reduced, and more players will be willing to join in the fun. The developers are also supported by Polygoat, an experience Belgian game development studio that will help the developers in bringing their vision to life. Polygoat is responsible for the visuals and coding of the tool.

To demonstrate the power of the tool, the team Realm Architect team recorded a D&D one-shot adventure in Thornbury Castle where Jeff Cannata from Dungeon Run was the Dungeon Master. At the event, Realm Architect was used for playing the game however it played the role of a supporting character and facilitated the story being told instead of taking over all of the fun. This is what the developers are trying to do with Realm Architect. The full One Shot recording will be shared at a later date however you can check out Jeff Cannata’s feedback after his first campaign with the tool below:

If you are interested in Realm Architect or just want to follow up with its development, you can head over to the Kickstarter campaign of the tool and help out the developers. After just one day of its launch, the campaign has managed to secure more than its 50% funding goal. The developers have also released a prototype of the tool over at so you can try out an early version of the tool right now as well. Additional details about the project will be shared down the road.

What are your thoughts on Realm Architect, and will you be supporting its Kickstarter campaign? Let us know in the comments section below.

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