Rampart’s Spiritual Successor Sky Cannoneer is Releasing Next Month

Sky Cannoneer

Element Games has announced that their next title, the spiritual successor to Rampart, Sky Cannoneer is releasing in February 2020. The brand new game will feature a greatly expanded scope and will ship with a lot more features than the original game. The game has been modernized to make it appealing for modern gamers however it brings Rampart’s unique and classic arcade-style gameplay with it.

The game features a full singleplayer campaign where you become a skilled Corsair in the Sky Lord’s Navy as you try to unravel the plague that ravaged your planet Emoria. You take on a variety of challenges and complete them to earn upgrades which make you powerful. Your Battle Haven comes with a variety of upgrades and new types of augmentations. You can also choose which technologies, superpowers, and summons you want to use against the enemies in battles.

Gameplay revolves around building up your power grid with randomized walls and placing your cannons on the power grid. After you are done with the placements, you then use the cannons and the special powers to defeat your opponents. As the game progresses, you can upgrade your power and take on increased power to deal with increasingly difficult enemies. With a large number of weapons and upgrades, you can customize your own loadouts for each battle.

Check out the reveal trailer for Sky Cannoneer below.

Element Games also revealed the list of weapons included in Sky Cannoneer. You will have the following weapons at your disposal in the game when it comes out.

  • Cluster Bombs — take out large portions of the enemy base!
  • Tesla Spikes — create an EMP that stuns enemy cannons!
  • Volatile Mix — projectiles have a chance to explode dramatically and set the enemy’s base on fire!
  • Fort Upgrade: Reloader — this fort accelerates your cannon reloads, letting you fire more shots per round.
  • Superpower: Tornado — creates a huge fiery tornado that destroys enemy walls, and also leaves behind patches of Burning Ground that destroy enemy rebuilding.
  • Research: Explosive Booster — this special booster upgrades all nearby Cannons when surrounded by your walls and energized.
  • Haven Upgrade: Deep Scanners — faint signals point to cloaked enemy Havens, but you’ll need better scanners to uncover them.
  • Summon: Airship Flotilla — summons multiple armed airships that automatically fire on the enemy defenses. Must be unlocked from a special mission.

A confirmed release date for Sky Cannoneer is not known at this point however the title is slated for a release in February 2020. A Steam page is also now live for the game. Keep checking back at GamesHedge for more information on Sky Cannoneer.

Have you played the original classic arcade game Rampart and would you like to play Sky Cannoneer when it comes out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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