Rainbow Six: Siege Getting Review Bombed on Steam Following Censorship

Rainbow: Six Siege

Following the announcement made by Ubisoft about the aesthetic changes being made in Rainbow Six: Siege to please the Asian Markets, the reviews on the Steam page of the game are getting review bombed as the community is in an uproar.

Over the past weekend, upset fans of Rainbow Six: Siege bombarded the Steam page of the game with negative review, which dropped the reception to “mixed” on Steam.

Rainbow: Six Siege

According to PC Gamer, the reviews have come from a subreddit, where many used see the Ubisoft Willingness to change anything about to game to appeal to Asian Markets as offensive. On Reddit, there are posts with tens and thousand of votes that show how much the community is upset.

A Reddit user by the name of Zarvoth adds,

By adhering to Chinese censorship they are cooperating with a dictatorship. Like wtf Ubi you can’t do this sh*t! This against what the West stands for!

Another post with the most upvotes says,

If you are changing the game to fit a fascist countries’ standards then you might as well remove [Tom Clancy’s] name because he is rolling in his grave right now. This game resembles nothing of that what he wrote.”

Meanwhile, there are some players who are considering these changes to be small and being blown out of proportion. Some eSports members of Rainbow Six: Siege have said that people shouldn’t focus on these changes which are almost unnoticeable, but it seems like they are a minority considering how many are upset with the changes.

While we agree that to expand the game to other regions, developers have all the right to approach with their own strategies. But coming at the expense of making your old fanbase unhappy is quite the risk taken by Ubisoft. Moreover, Ubisoft’s silence after the announcement only tells they just expect the upset fans to just forget about this issue and go with the changes that are being brought.

It would have made more sense if Ubisoft simply created a different build for the game’s affected regions; however that seems like far from happening at this stage. To this Ubisoft has noted that splitting the game into different versions would make it more difficult for them to implement hotfixes and new changes in the future.

Do you think the Siege community is right in being upset? Should Ubisoft drop the plans for the aesthetic changes? Post your comments below.

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