Ubisoft Adds Reverse Friendly Fire in Rainbow Six Siege

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The latest update on Rainbow Six Siege adds a new feature that will reverse the friendly fire damage on the person going for team kills. The punishment is called Reverse Friendly Fire and it is so far the best way to give team-killers a taste of their own medicine.

Ubisoft has also explained the new feature, which is now live in the game and also talked about why it is the best way to deal with team-killers. The feature had been in testing for the past two months and developers now say that it should be a positive step forward in their fight against team killing while maintaining the same intensity and high stakes gameplay that is the core of Rainbow Six Siege experience.

With the new Reverse Friendly Fire, any player who gets shot by a teammate will have an option to activate reflecting bullets for the offender’s weapon for the rest of the match. This means that any bullet fired at any teammate will be redirected towards them and damaging themselves. Players who get killed and get the choice to decide the team killers fate will have a chance to see the replay and decide if they want to go with the punishment or not.

The new feature only works with bullets, as explosives work the same way as before. The feature might be added in the future as the developers get more feedback. Explosive gadgets that do not deal any damage will have no effect on this system, so currently, all explosives under the new system can still damage teammates as well as the owner of the grenade.

The change would be welcomed very much in the Siege community as team killers have been plaguing the gaming experience for a very long time. Ubisoft has been working on various methods to discourage the team killers from killing teammates and ruining the whole match as a result. With reporting the team killers, to auto kicking them, and now the Reverse Friendly Fire system would surely be of substantial significance.

What do you think of the new reverse friendly fire system in Rainbow Six: Siege? What other changes do you think the game should bring in? Post your comments below.

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