Rage 2 Cheat Codes Revealed, More to Come Post-Release

Rage 2 Cheat Codes

Avalanche Studios and Id Software have revealed some more cheat codes that will be featured in the upcoming open-world title Rage 2. The developers earlier revealed Rage 2 He’s on Fire trailer which was focused around a single cheat code which will allow players to turn on commentary by none other than Tim Kitzrow who is a very famous name if you have played NBA Jam.

Recently, Avalanche and Id have released a whole list of cheat codes that will be coming to Rage 2 on its release. Keep in mind that He’s on Fire cheat code is only specific to players who pre-order Rage 2 and will not be available to all players who purchase the game after it has been released. The new list of cheat codes will be standard for all players whether they pre-order the game or not.

The list was posted on Steam by Jason who stated that Rage 2 is bringing one of the best old school mechanics back into the mix which is cheating codes. Earlier we have seen that very few modern games come with cheat codes now. Most of the titles have simply eliminated cheat codes because they are limited to online only however Rage 2 will certainly have some cheat codes and they look amazing.

Check out the list below.

  • He’s on Fire: Video game voiceover legend Tim Kitzrow lends his very familiar talents to RAGE 2 with the “He’s on Fire” Cheat. BOOMSHAKALAKA. (Pre-order exclusive)
  • Git Gud: Sweet, sweet instagib. With “Git Gud” every enemy goes down in one hit. It’s not fair to your enemies, but f*** ‘em. You. Are. A. God.
  • Son of Thor: Much like the power Olivia Newton John is supplying in the hit film “Grease,” this Cheat is electrifying. When the “Son of Thor” Cheat is activated, the player becomes electric, electrocuting any enemies that get too close.
  • Klegg Support: The infamous (and douchey) Klegg Clayton is spawned as a friendly AI companion. We honestly don’t know if this is a reward or a punishment.
  • Phoenix Rejector Seat: Now this is just getting ridiculous. As opposed to the Phoenix’s Ejector Seat, which does what it says on the tin and ejects the player from the vehicle, the Rejector Seat leaves the player on the ground and ejects the Phoenix into the air. Like we said, ridiculous.

This is just a small list of cheat codes that will be featured in Rage 2. More cheats will be added to the title post-launch and they will be part of the game on a rotating basis. We cannot wait to jump in Rage 2 as it looks better and better with every new bit of information that comes out.

Rage 2 is coming out on May 14, 2019, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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