Publisher Fellow Traveller Signs Three Developers to Their 2022 Lineup

Fellow Traveller Developers

Publisher Fellow Traveller has announced the signings of three award-winning developers who will be releasing their upcoming titles under the publishing umbrella of Fellow Traveller. Their titles will add to the already impressive lineup of titles coming out under Fellow Traveller in 2022.  The three new developers include After Hours Devs, Jump Over the Age, and Silverstring Media.

If you have been following the indie game scene for the previous years, chances are that you will have played the titles made by these developers earlier. After Hours Devs released Coffee Talk and What Comes After, Jump Over The Age developed In Other Waters while Silverstring Media is the studio behind Glitchhikers. The announcement was made by Fellow Traveller to kick off the 2021 Edition of LudoNarraCon.

Fellow Traveller and the new developers have also revealed the codenames of their upcoming titles along with their teaser trailers and hints on the game’s Steam pages. All three titles are now live on Steam and interested players can add all three games to their Steam Wishlist as well. The codenames for each reveal are:

Project Sidereal from Gareth Damian Martin of Jump Over the Age, developer of the award-winning In Other Waters.

Project Heartbreak from Mohammad Fahmi of After Hours Devs, creative director and writer of Coffee Talk and the recently released What Comes After.

Project Pythia from Silverstring Media, known best for Glitchhikers, a finalist for the 2014 Canadian Indie Videogame of the Year.

You can visit the Steam pages for all three projects, Project Sidereal, Project Heartbreak and Project Pythia to add them to your wishlist and check out additional details about each of the titles.

What do you think about the new projects and the new developers joining Fellow Traveller for their upcoming titles? Let us know in the comments section below.

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