PSVR Game ‘In Death’ Release Date Announced – 20% Discount at Launch

In Death

VR game ‘In Death’ is set to release November 27, 2018 exclusively on PlayStation VR. In Death is a rouge like VR shooter that is set in surreal medieval world. Experience the depths of purgatory and traverse the cathedrals and and floating islands of Paradise Lost to bring harmony to Afterlife.

In Death game features procedurally-generated levels where enemy spawns are random. The random enemy spawn adds a sense of uniqueness to the game. You will experience each run differently and can not predict the move of enemy AI.

In Death

In Death

You can not save your game while you are in middle of run of each chapter of the game. The game only offers a continue point, that too after completing a chapter at a discrete point.

The game features an achievement based progression system. It unlocks special power ups in the form of special arrows and health boosts. All these perks are generated randomly in the game.

Once you have completed a run you will earn gold from defeated enemies. You can spend the gold in Reliquary, which is an in-game store. The can purchase defensive or offensive perks from store which are unlocked by progressing in the game.

With progression from each run, enemies become more challenging. The game is balanced between enemy difficulty level and rewards drop in a way that skill-based players will find a replay value.

Those of you who want to stick to Dualshock 4 controller for In Death, there is a unique way developers have designed for you. The lightbar will be used for motion tracking along with gyroscope and accelerometer to create a six degree of freedom (6DOF). It will provide a better experience for weapon handling  and aiming.

In Death releases November 27, 2018 for $29.99 USD ($39.99 CAD). In Death will be available for 20% discount only for PlayStation Plus members during its launch week.

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