PSN Name Change Option Might Be Near Than Expected


In recent development, the option to change your PSN name change might be closer than expected. The long-awaited feature is indeed coming to PSN and recently, Kotaku has reported that game developers have informed them that they are working to prepare their games for this specific feature.

Kotaku recently reported that some of the game developers have been actively working on getting their games ready for this specific feature so that the games are bug free and do not have any features when this is feature is finally rolled out to the public. One of the developers even showed them a picture of a profile with the option ‘edit username’.

The developers claimed that they have been working on this for quite some time so it means that Sony had plans to allow users to change their IDs for some time and it now depends on the developers to finish implementing changes to their games and this feature will then be rolled out to general public. Sony has however not responded to this in any way.

The delay by developers is because how the PSN IDs are linked to usernames, which made it much difficult. Most common practice is to treat IDs as simple universal unique identifiers but this is apparently not the case with PSN IDs as they are linked to usernames. This is actually time consuming because this needs to be implemented in old online games as well.

PlayStation users have been asking Sony for this feature for a long time as Xbox Live allows users to change their online IDs without any trouble. Sony’s PlayStation Network was first launched in 2006 which means that if you created an account back then, you will still be using that same name for the past 12 years.

It appears that this will finally change now and players will be able to change their embarrassing teenager IDs now finally. Sony’s boss had hinted back in 2017 during a conference that Sony is indeed considering this option and said that ‘you won’t have to ask me that question next PSX’. This year’s PSX was cancelled so no one was indeed able to ask him this question.

However, with this news it can now be said for sure that Sony is indeed working on bringing out this much awaited feature to PSN users and since developers are hard at work on ironing out bugs from their games, this feature is not far away.

Let us know in the comments section below whether you will be changing your PSN ID when this feature rolls out or not.

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