PS4 Firmware 6.00 Beta Introduces New Search UI, Other Fixes

PS4 Update 7.00

The much-awaited PS4 firmware update 6.0 Beta 3 has arrived to the participating beta testers and they have reported some really fresh changes. The most notable change in the new firmware beta is a new search UI that is very sluggish in the current firmware. This has been demanded by the fans for a long time and looks like that we will be getting an updated UI for the search feature finally.

Check out the cool new images from the search UI introduced in the PS4 firmware 6.00 Beta.

Image Source: ResetEra

As you can see in the images above that the search feature UI has been changed overall and now offers more options to search the PS Store. Now you have the option to search the store by publishers and genre, which is a good thing since people tend to look for similar titles in a genre or sometimes want to look at the entire library of the publisher.

A lot of players have been complaining about the PS Store being slow and missing many important features that a good online store should have. By looking at the changes implemented in the latest firmware, it seems like that Sony has been listening to their fans a lot and have actually implemented their feedback in making the PS Store better than before.

PS4’s firmware has seen many updates and many new features have been added into the firmware to make it faster and better. The latest firmware 6.00 is currently under development and it only accessible to certain people who applied for the beta testing of it. This new firmware will also come with many new features and fixes to make the firmware more user friendly and faster in speed.

Images and other information presented in this article have been taken from ResetEra. Make sure that you check out their page here.

Let us know in the comments section about how you feel about the new search UI. Are you happy about the changes being made to the PS Store and the PS4 firmware?

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