PS2 and PS4 Games Can Now Be Downloaded Via PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now One Year

Sony recently announced that all PlayStation Now subscribers can download PS2 and PS3 games to their consoles and play directly from the console rather that streaming them online. This causes relief for many players who were not able to utilize this service just because their internet connections were not up to the mark.

This announcement was made through PlayStation’s official blog where it was stated that all games on PS Now service whether PS2 or PS4 can now be downloaded by the players to their consoles and play anytime even on slower Internets. PS4 games were added to the PS Now service some time ago but the users were forced to stream all games when they wished to play it.

Keep in mind that PS3 games cannot be downloaded using this feature as the titles are not designed to run natively on the PS4 console. Only PS2 and PS4 titles can be downloaded to a PS4 console to avail this offline play feature.

Streaming a game is not an easy thing to do if your internet connection is not up to the mark so many players were avoiding PS Now service just because of this small problem. PS Now’s main competitor Xbox Game Pass allowed games to be downloaded right from day one and it was hence more convenient for players rather than streaming.

But now Sony has jumped on the bandwagon and is rolling out a new update for PS Now service with which players can simply download the games in PS Now library to their console and play them more conveniently. It is not a mass update but it being given out to players gradually so if you are a PS Now subscriber and you do not see the download option, it will come to your console soon as well.

The blog also states that all purchased DLC, all sorts of Microtransactions PS4 Pro enhancements and add-ons can also be downloaded with the base game so players do not have to worry about a thing. Players who will download the PlayStation Now games will simply need to connect to the internet every now and then to verify their subscription but an active internet connection all the time will not be required. PS Plus service will be required to use online save feature however.

The current line-up for PlayStation Now titles include a lot of PS2 and PS4 games so if you were hesitating to opt for the service because of your slow internet connection, now is the time to avail his opportunity. If you are planning to join PS NOW at the moment, you can also avail a discounted Summer price of $10 monthly and $100 for an year.

Let us know in the comments section below about how do you feel about Sony giving in to the competition and letting players download their PS Now subscription games.

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