PS Plus Games for December 2018 Revealed, Gravity-Defying End to 2018

PS Plus Games for December 2018

Sony has officially announced the games coming as a PS Plus benefit to all subscibers in an official blog post announcement. For the last month of 2018, we are getting Onrush and Soma. Soma is an atmospheric horror game while Onrush is an action-packed, gravity defying racing game which actually came out not long ago.

Check look at the official reveal video.

With Soma and Onrush leading the pack for December 2018 games, the following games are also part of the PS Plus lineup for PS3 and PS Vita owners.

  • Steredenn (PS3)
  • Steinsgate (PS3)
  • Iconoclasts (PS Vita, PS4)
  • Papers, Please (PS Vita)

Looks like Sony is closing 2018 very strongly with this great lineup of games. Papers, Please and Steinsgate, which is more of a visual novel, are two amazing titles and they will keep you busy for hours if you still own a PS3 or a PS Vita console. Coming to the main titles, Soma is a very pretty game and it is terrifying at the same time.

In Soma you will experience a thrilling story where you get to know what it means to be a human and understand how identity and consciousness works. You will be exploring the depths under the ocean and will come face to face with horrifying monsters as well as machines in order to find the truth about the reality.

Onrush is an action packed racing game in which you will use gravity-defying tactics and push your limits to the max to come to the top of the podium. This is a team-based racing game and you will be racing for your team. Each win will help your team to win. The game also features tons of customization options that will keep all racing fans out there busy for a long time.

These titles will be available for you to download starting December 4, 2018 all the way to January 1. Make sure to add these great games to your library in this duration. If you have not added November 2018’s free games yet, make sure to get them before they are gone for good.

Are you happy about the games Sony has announced for the month of December? Let us know on the comments section below.

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