Slightly Mad Studios Confirms Project Cars 3 Release Date, Game Launches in August

Project Cars 3 Cars Tracks

Developer Slightly Mad Studios has just confirmed the release date of its recently announced title, Project Cars 3. The game is set to release on August 28 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The developers have wasted no time in teasing the game any further, as the release date confirmation comes just a few weeks after revealing the game earlier this month. This is good for the players as they will be getting a new game in just 2 months time. Things seem to be going good for the studio since it was acquired by Codemasters last year in November.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer below:

As we head towards the release date, Slightly Mad Studios will be dishing out many details over the course of the coming months. We can expect gameplay trailers, details, and features that will be a part of the third title in the series.

What we know so far is that Project Cars 3 will come with a bigger list of cars, real-world tracks, and also a linear career mode. Ian Bell, the CEO SMS and Executive director over at Codemasters stated that the title will be a game-changer, with improved handling and input on pads, and the career mode that is massively involved.

Codemasters is known for having a deeply integrated career mode in its other games like the F1 franchise. If taking the example from the F1 game titles over the years, the career mode begins with your racing career as a rookie, and then gaining up the ranks over the course of the calendar year. As our career expands, you get more contract options from bigger teams, with ambitious plans, character, and vehicle development.

Project Cars could just be missing a good and immersive career mode that players would like to see. All we can do is wait for more details to show up about the game.

Are you excited for Project Cars 3 and looking forward to its release date? Post your comments below.

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