Private Servers are Arriving in Battlefield V Soon

Battlefield V Private Servers

EA and DICE have announced that private servers are soon coming to Battlefield V in a future update. This was a much-needed feature that should have been part of the game ever since it was released but for some reason, they were missing in the release version. However, after taking their sweet time, EA and DICE have finally announced that they are adding private servers to Battlefield V soon.

This was announced by the developers on the official Reddit that private servers are coming back to Battlefield V. The feature will arrive in the form of a free update and the patch will also bring some other much-needed fixes and improvements to the game. The release update is not known at this point however chances are that the date will be announced during the upcoming EA Play which is planned before E3 next month.

According to the official Reddit, in addition to the private servers, the new update will also bring the following features to the game.

Core Functionality

  • Create private game from main menu
  • Set custom name for the server
  • Set description for the server
  • Password protect the server
  • Control what maps are used within the map rotation
  • Control what game modes are available
  • Control the number of players needed to break pre-round
  • Kick players from the current game
  • Control what classes are available
  • Control what weapons are allowed
  • Control if vehicles are allowed
  • Control if the kill cam will be displayed
  • Turn friendly fire on or off
  • Turn regenerative health on or off
  • Change soldier tags as visible or not
  • Enable or disable third-person camera view
  • Enable squad leader spawn only
  • Enable or disable aim assist auto rotation
  • Enable or disable aim assist cooldown
  • Control bullet damage scaling
  • Control game mode ticket scaling
  • Control soldier and vehicle respawn timers
  • Turn the mini map on or off
  • Enable or disable the compass

Organization Options

  • Apply a pre-set config to a private game
    • Vanilla, Infantry only, DICE-authored etc.
  • Save your server settings as a custom preset so you can reapply at will
  • Have your name highlighted in chat if you’re the owner of the server
  • Administrate and manage server settings in the main menu or via our Private Games web portal
  • Have the description of your Private Game presented on the loading screen
  • Manually switch specific players between teams
  • Report private games in the advanced search screen

Dice also states in the post that this is just the beginning and more features will be added in future updates. You can head over to the official Reddit to check out the official announcement. A previous update added microtransactions to the game as well. DICE released the Firestorm Battle Royale mode for Battlefield V some time ago. Check out some guides for the battle royale mode below.

Battlefield V is now out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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