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Preview Precipice

Precipice is an upcoming war strategy game by Little Red Dog Games and this is our preview of the game. I got to play an Early Access version of the game and I have shared my views about the game in this preview. The game puts you in the shoes of either an Eagle representing the USA or a bear representing Russia. While playing as either country, your goal in Precipice is to sabotage your enemies and control as much as the world as you can to win the game.

During the Early Access, the game still plays very well and it started with the tutorial which introduced me to all basic as well as some advanced mechanics of the game. Once I got the hang of how the game works, I was eager to jump in the game myself and try out how far would I go. The game normally ends in three different scenarios. Either you win, you lose or the whole world ends in a massive nuclear war.

For most of the matches I played, I never surrendered and being a stubborn person, I mostly ended up launching nukes ending the game abruptly. The game does a very good job while teaching you all the basics of the mechanics so you can quickly grasp the main idea behind how the game works. I still played a few practice rounds so that I could try out different scenarios myself before jumping in the main game.

While playing Precipice, you must have a sound knowledge of where different countries are based because you will be choosing sides and picking up enemies later on in the game. Knowing which country is located where helps you out a lot in the game. Russia will always try to go for Cuba so I will advise not to contest for it because it always ends in launching nukes.

During my games, every time I contested Cuba, the game ended in the first few minutes because Russia wanted it so bad it always launched nukes in the end. Your goal in Precipice is to own alliances with as many countries as possible. If some country is with Russia, you can try to overthrow the government using some sneaky tactics.

You can deploy spies and then use tactics such as Funding Rebellions and causing as much mayhem in countries to make them weak and finally overthrow the government and bring out a new one which favors your side. This is the most common way of earning alliances with countries which are in your enemy’s control.

You will also need to help your own allies as your opponent will constantly try to take over their countries. During my time in the game, I won very few games however I learned a lot from every lost game. Precipice is not a game which you can expect to master in the first few minutes. The AI is very smart and every game is going to be a unique game. AI learns from your mistakes and will try to counter your moves in every way possible.

The game offers different AI difficulties so you can easily pick whichever setting you want to play the game on according to the level of challenge that you want. Precipice is a war game but it is a war cunning and good strategy. You will get a turn during which you will need to perform all the activities that you during that move.

You can send spies, spend some money stacks to fund rebellions or even invade some countries to make them your own. The country with the most alliances will win the game however your enemy will also be using the same sneaky tactics against your allies in the game. You will need to defend them as well in certain scenarios.

You will need to make useful allies because certain countries will provide you with resources as well which can be used in different strategic moves or helping out countries in your alliance. However, in all this war and diplomacy, you will also need to keep an eye out on your own country’s unrest.

Activities that entice war will increase unrest while activities that refuse war and bloodshed will decrease the unrest levels making it easier for you to cope with different situations. You will need to keep a balance between diplomacy and war if you want to keep your citizens in a balanced position.

You will also need to spend some resources and make progress in different technologies in the game such as the Space Program. This will ensure that your country remains as powerful as your opponent in the game and you do not fall behind in any aspect of competition. Investing in such programs will ensure that you remain a powerful state.

If you are a fan of turn-based strategic war games, Precipice has a lot to offer. It is a challenging game and you will be surprised to see some moves by your AI. The AI of the game is very smart and one of my favorite features in the game. Whether you dominate the world by democracy or by using brute force, you will find your time well spent with this strategic war game.

Precipice is coming out on May 1 and you can head over the official Steam page to add it to your wishlist.

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