Predator: Hunting Grounds Free Trial Weekend Starts Late Next Month

Predator: Hunting Grounds Free Trial

IllFonic has announced that their upcoming Predator: Hunting Grounds game will enter a multiplayer trial weekend for free next month on March 27. The event will run for three days and end on March 29.

The trial will be available for PlayStation 4 players, provided that they have the PS Plus membership. This is because the game will be a multiplayer trial and will require you to play online. On the other hand, the free trial will also be available for PC players

The announcement was made by the CEO of IllFonic Charles Brungardt on the PlayStation Blog.

We spent the last part of 2019 taking a demo around to various gaming events around the world and allowing members of the public to try it for themselves. Seeing the fun that everyone has had as both the Predator and the Fireteam has been incredibly rewarding for the dev team. We received valuable feedback through that process and we believe everyone will be excited to see where the game is. We are looking forward to having you test the game out as we are getting closer and closer to launch.

The blog post also gives out a few details of what you can expect in the free trial. You can play the game solo as the Predator, or you can team with other players online. This team will comprise of 4 players including you and will be called Fireteam. Being a part of the team allows you to have access to an arsenal filled with state of the art gear and weapons. This will allow you to take down any enemy you want. The Fireteam has to complete missions and face many opponents along with the Predator.

Predator: Hunting Grounds Free Trial

The Predator stalking you will create a sense of suspense as it is quite terrifying and a relentless creature. It can pounce on you from above, shoot deadly plasma from shadows, and also rip you apart if you get close. The trial will allow you to play as the Predator so you can take the role of this powerful alien being.

Are you excited for Predator: Hunting Grounds free trial weekend? Are you going to try it next month? Post your comments below.

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