Psychedelic FPS Shooter POST VOID Release Date Announced


Publisher Super Rare Originals and developer Y/CJ/Y Games have announced the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch release date for POST VOID. POST VOID will be released on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch on March 16, 2023, and will be the first game to be released on PlayStation by Super Rare Originals. It is a fast-paced psychedelic first-person shooter where only your speed matters as you work your way through procedurally generated levels. To give us another glimpse at the action, Super Rare Originals has a brand-new trailer for us as well. Check it out below:

POST VOID is a unique FPS where reaching the end is not your ultimate goal instead, you will be trying your best to get a high score. As you rack up your kill count, you will increase your health with every kill and keep going. If you slow down, you will be dead so your only chance at survival is being quick at your feet as well as your trigger. At the end of every level in POST VOID, there is an oasis that you will need to find and choose an upgrade before diving back into the action. Each run in the game is unique and different from the previous one, thanks to the procedurally generated levels.

Super Rare Games is known for its limited edition physical releases of digital-only games for Nintendo Switch however with the start of its new label Super Rare Originals, the studio is now publishing video games for different platforms as well. Their previous releases include LONE RUIN and Grapple Dog, both of which are amazing games, and considering the studio’s history, and POST VOID’s Steam reviews, this next release is going to be a solid one as well. The console release for POST VOID comes after a few delays however, the game is finally releasing later this month.


What are your thoughts on POST VOID and its release date for consoles? Will you be picking up the PlayStation or the Nintendo Switch version of the game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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