Portable AMD Powered PC SMACH Z Scheduled for Q1 of 2019


SMACH Z is a handheld PC powered by AMD’s hardware inside it. The device packs AMD Ryzen CPU with a Radeon Vega 8 graphics card designed specifically for SMACH Z.

The handheld PC SMACH Z after two years of development will finally enter mass production in early 2019.

In this two year development phase, The SMACH Z had two crowdfunding campaigns in 2016. One was conducted on IndieGoGo which raised $747,512 USD. The second one was conducted on Kickstarter which raised an additional €474,530

Here are the hardware specifications of SMACH Z as announced by the developers.

  • AMD Ryzen V1605B with AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics
  • 8 GB + 8 GB Dual Channel DDR4 2133MHz SODIMM
  • 256 GB HD SSD m.2
  • FullHD Touchscreen 6” 1920×1080
  • Camera 5 Megapixels
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n/d/e/h/i & Bluetooth v2.1+EDR/v3.0/v3.0HS/v4.0
  • USB-C, USB-A, Micro USB, Display Port, SD card, Audio mini jack
  • Charger USB-C 20V 3A 60W. Plug EU/US/UK/AU
  • SMACH OS Linux based distribution
  • Black Frontal Shell

The device is currently available for pre-order on official website. The SMACH Z Ultra is price at €989.10 while another version which does not support camera costs €45 less.

The handheld PC also comes in different colors. You can select color of your liking while placing pre-order. There are no extra charges for different colors. Black color is default color, other than that here are other colors to choose from.

  • The Deep Black
  • Radioactive Green,
  • Pearl White,
  • Indigo
  • Red Fire

There are few images and videos released in the recent press release for the device. Check out the video and images below.



SMACH Z handheld PC is the first one to pack enormous processing and graphics power under such a small portable device. This could be a new beginning in consumer electronics market as portability is starting to be a top priority for users and gamers all over the world.

What do you think about SMACH Z? Let us know more your thoughts in comments section below.





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