PlayStation Vita Production Ends in 2019 – No Successor Planned So Far

Sony Vice President in an interview hinted at the end of production for Sony PlayStation Vita by 2019. He also did not mention any plans for handheld successor. Sony PlayStation Vita launched in 2011. The handheld console since start could not give enough games to the player base.

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In an interview at TGS Hiroyuki Oda said:

We currently do not have any plans to announce a new handheld device. As for the PlayStation Vita, we will continue its production through 2019 in Japan. Shipment will end afterwards

PSVita failed to capture the wide audience of PlayStation Portable. PSP was a huge handheld success from Sony PlayStation. The striking difference between the two was number of games. Although, PS Vita had beefier hardware than PSP, yet the handheld console did not get enough game releases.

The only feature that has kept PSVita alive through out all these years is the remote play. Remote play mirrors PlayStation 4 screen onto PSVita. The feature later made its way to Sony smartphones, but they had decreased response time and there was input delay. Only PSVita perfected the art of remote play.

Players loved the idea of remote play when it was showcased in commercial of PSVita. Imagine playing your 1080p resolution games on PSVita. The games surely looked amazing on small screen, the small size increased more pixel concentration.

Also, the PSVita got a slim version in which the screen technology was downgraded from OLED to LCD. Both technologies came with own set of pros and cons. OLED technology screen gave dark backgrounds and colors. While on LCD, users notices more blur.

For better or worse, PS Vita’s termination was a matter of time. The handheld console’s system software was infringed too, it got hacked.

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