PlayStation Plus Games For May 2023 Revealed, Includes GRID Legends and Chivalry 2

PlayStation Plus Games May 2023

PlayStation has officially revealed the games for PlayStation Plus subscribers for May 2023 and two out of the three titles are real heavy hitters. If you love racing games or online combat titles, you are in luck because if you are a PS Plus subscriber, you will be getting GRID Legends, Chivalry 2, and Descenders as part of your subscription for the next month. All three games will arrive on the subscription on May 2, Tuesday and they will remain available there until June 6, 2023.

Starting with GRID Legends, it is the latest title by Codemasters in its long-running simulation GRID racing series. GRID Legends introduces new racing mechanics, new racing disciplines, and tons of other new content for players to explore. Released back in February 2022, GRID Legends is the first GRID title that was released by Codemasters after its acquisition by EA, so it was published under the umbrella of EA which makes it really important for both the developer as well as the publisher. The game features a racing career complete with casting and rivalries, paddock politics, on-track drama, and more. If you own PS Plus and are yet to play it, you can do so next month.

Chivalry 2 is an online combat game set in medieval times where you will slash through your enemies across huge battlefields. The game features large-scale conflicts in different areas such as Tournament Grounds, Castles, and more. You will have four unique classes at your disposal and each class offers further subclasses which are around twelve. Each subclass comes with its own unique weapons and abilities, and you will need to use them to emerge victorious at the end of the match. The battles feature 64 players and the PS5 version of the game also supports 60 FPS with 4K visuals.

Finally, we have Descenders which is a high-speed, fast-paced extreme downhill biking game where you will reach high speeds while going down mountains. The game’s physics system is easy to pick up but if you want to master the game, you will need to spend quite a lot of time in the game and practice to keep your momentum to the max and your bike in control. You will take on different jumps, slopes, hillbombs, and more as you play on procedurally generated levels. As you perform better, you will unlock new bikes and threads while building your online Rep as well.

If you still have to get the PS Plus Games for April 2023, you only have a few days left to claim them so make sure to add them to your collection before they are gone forever. Once added to your collection, they will remain forever there, and you can play them as long as your subscription remains active.

What are your thoughts on the PlayStation Plus Games for May 2023? Which game are you looking forward to playing next month? Let us know in the comments section below.

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