PlayStation Classic Console Runs on Open Source Emulator – Sony Too Lazy to Write Own Simulator?

PlayStation Classic is a retro remake of the original PlayStation console but in smaller size. The console comes with 20 pre-installed games and costs $100. The console has gone through reviewers and they have found out that it is utilizing PSX emulator to run the games.

As mentioned by Kotaku in review, the PlayStation Classic runs on open source software named PCSX ReARMed. The emulator was first created way back in 2000. The emulator helped PC users to play the games of original PlayStation, by pirating them actually.

A common sentiment is running on internet about PlayStation Classic utilizing PSX emulator to run its games. There is no breach of piracy or any kind of violation at Sony’s end here but the matter is that maybe Sony is lazy to write their own emulator for a licensed PlayStation Classic console.

Nintendo with its mini consoles have written own emulators for older games to work on new small sized consoles. If they can, then Sony should too. Considering the price tag of $100 of PlayStation Classic which actually utilizes a top notch and stable version of PSX emulator, the console seems a bit pointless to buy if you have a PC or laptop.

Moreover, PlayStation Classic is released with 20 pre-installed games and there is no telling if more games can be added by any means into console.

If you have a laptop or PC with as low as minimum specs of Core 2 duo, you can play most of original PlayStation games on it, that too without any cost, bummer.

We do not see any issue here about Sony utilizing the PSX emulator to recreate the classic fondness and nostalgia to a large scale of consumers. We support the situation here but maybe most people do not appreciate the move Sony has made in creating PlayStation Classic.

What do you think about it ? Share with us your thoughts in comments section below.

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