PlayStation 4 Gets Professional Controller Astro C40 TR – Arrives Early 2019

Astro C40 TR

Officially licensed PlayStation 4 controller Astro C40 TR is scheduled to arrive early 2019. The controller has been in development for more than two years with pro gamers.

Astro after their successful lineup of gaming headsets is now venturing in professional controllers. Astro products have changed esports landscape and they hope the controller will follow on the legacy.

Here are the features of Astro C40 TR controller for PlayStation 4.

  • Replaceable, swappable stick modules
  • Integrated, remappable rear buttons
  • Astro customization software
  • Wired/wireless modes
  • Wireless audio
  • Trigger stops
  • 12-hour battery life
  • Included travel case

With its premium design, high range of button mapping and customization with a 12 hour long battery backup, Astor C40 TR comes tournament ready.

You can switch between Analog Stick or D-Pad modules quickly. The controller supports a 12 hour long battery backup. Forget the recharging of controller at regular intervals.

Astro C40 TR

Astro C40 TR

The software gives professional gamers more precision and accuracy. You can create profile for different games and switch between them directly from controller. Adjust the trigger or stick sensitivity, remap buttons adjust dead zones, tweak EQ, audio output, mic out and sidetone, everything and anything you want.

The controller supports wired and wireless interface. You can quickly change between wired and wireless 2.4Ghz. A 3.5mm jack allows game sound and voice chat.

Astro C40 TR controller also comes with a travel case. Protect your controller, module, stick caps and tool all in one hard-shelled case.

Astro C40 TR controller is available for pre-order right now only from Astro’s website. The controller costs $199.99 ($269.99 CAD). The shipment of controller starts in early 2019. Other retailers like Gamestop, Amazon, Best Buy and Best Buy Canada also offer the product in early 2019.

The controller can be used on PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows PC. For now, it is only available in US and Canada, more countries will follow later.


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